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Little Boy Becomes Best Friend With A Random Basset Hound At The Dog Park 

Little Boy Becomes Best Friend With A Random Basset Hound At The Dog Park 

Recently, one mom decided to take her little boy and their dog to the dog park; however, the little boy didn’t exactly feel like going. 

They ended up going anyway, and the little boy, named Sterling, was quite content playing with his best friend – a Basset Hound. 

The only catch here – the Basset Hound was not theirs, but some random dog Sterling just met and immediately fell in love with. 

Making Friends Everywhere He Goes 

In a video posted on TikTok, Ari Christine (the little boy’s mom) said that Sterling actually didn’t want to go to the dog park with her at the beginning. 

Somehow, in the end, they went anyway, and it turned out to be the best day ever for little Sterling. 

As soon as they arrived at the dog park, the little boy went to play and hang out with a certain Basset Hound. 

By the way they were acting together, you would assume that the little boy and the said Basset Hound knew each other their whole lives. 

They hugged each other, petted, layed on the ground, sniffed the air together, and, in general, soaked in all the love.

The whole scene looked like something coming straight from a fairytale, and it certainly was love at first sight because the little boy and the dog had just met for the first time. 


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Although they had just met, they both had this immense love and understanding for each other. It was beautiful. 

According to the mom, Sterling has always been a natural animal lover, effortlessly knowing how to act around them. 

He just becomes best friends with any dog or animal he comes across. 

Since the video quickly went viral, people flooded the comments, suggesting that the boy should have his own dog. 

However, the mom informed everyone that Sterling indeed has his own dog – a Golden Retriever with whom he has shared an unbreakable bond since day one.  

Kids And Dogs 

This adorable little boy, and obviously, very easy-going Basset Hound might have bonded immediately, but unfortunately, not all dogs are like this. 

When introducing little children to new dogs, it is important to follow certain steps to keep both dogs and children safe. 

Make sure that the interaction between the two is always closely supervised. Keep an eye on their playtime and try to discourage any behavior that might lead to any misunderstanding. 

Little kids can get excited pretty easily, so it is very important to teach them how to approach the dogs calmly and treat them gently while also respecting their personal space. 

If your child wants to pet or approach a dog at a dog park, it is important to ask the owner’s permission beforehand. 

Every dog is different and unique, so please make sure that you approach introductions with care and consideration for safety.