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An Adorable ‘Little Bear’ Sleeping In A Store Parking Lot Asks Shoppers To Take Him Somewhere Warm

An Adorable ‘Little Bear’ Sleeping In A Store Parking Lot Asks Shoppers To Take Him Somewhere Warm

Finding some scraps of food and trying to keep warm as the temperatures go down is a daily struggle for homeless dogs.

It is even worse for the little puppies who get separated from the caring arms of their mom and find themselves all alone. They endure hunger and brave the cold weather as they hope that humans will extend them a helping hand.

Ace, a little puppy, felt hungry and cold, too, while he was sitting in a store parking lot. The tiny baby terribly missed his mama. Since he couldn’t find her, his heart became filled with sorrow.

The little fur baby noticed the shoppers, and he began looking at them with his sad, pleading eyes. He hoped that someone would show him some kindness and take him to a safe and warm place.  

A Little Furball Needs Help

An experienced dog rescuer, Deanna Tsosie, was left brokenhearted after she received a call from a kind-hearted fellow community member of the Navajo reservation. 

They told her that there was a little black fur baby sleeping in an Ace Hardware store parking lot. He was all alone.

“He is about 4–5 weeks old. He was supposedly dumped off there …,” Tsosie wrote on Instagram

Worried for the little guy, Tsosie headed to the hardware store. Upon her arrival, she noticed a small puppy who found shelter from the cold next to a parked car. 

Tsosie approached him, wishing to stroke him and greet him. 

The moment the little furball saw her walking towards him, he got scared. He ran off toward the nearest car and hid behind one of its wheels.

Tsosie began talking to the pup and reassuring him that he was safe. The little boi sensed that he could trust his rescuer, so he left his hiding place.

After Tsosie took the puppy, later named Ace, in her hands, she searched the nearby area for his mom or his siblings.

Unfortunately, Ace’s family was nowhere to be found. The tiny fur baby was in the parking lot all alone.

While Tsosie was holding him in his arms, Ace gazed at her with his sad eyes. If the beautiful puppy could speak, he would have probably asked his rescuer to take him somewhere where he would be loved.

Resolved to help the puppy find a loving family and a home, Tsosie contacted Az Hidden Jem Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona, and they agreed to take Ace under their care.

They fell head over heels in love with the little pup as soon as they saw the video of his rescue.

“He looked like a little bear and [was] just confused,” The Az Hidden Jem Rescue wrote on Instagram.

The same day, the rescue picked him up and brought him to the vet clinic. The vet team gave him a thorough medical checkup and quickly established that Ace was suffering from mange. 

The lovely pup was prescribed the necessary treatment.

Sweet Life In A Foster Home

The Phoenix-based rescue set the puppy up with the perfect foster family. They welcomed him to their home and took excellent care of him. 

The little boi receives treatment for mange, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his happiness.

Ace fell in love with his new life. He relishes the affection and love his foster family showers him with.

He spends his time playing with his foster siblings – a litter of sweet kittens.

As soon as the gentle fur baby heals completely, he’ll start searching for his forever home. We’re sure that Ace will soon steal the heart of his forever family, who will love him just like he deserves.