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Sweet Labrador Would Not Leave His Sibling’s Side When Their Owners Left Them On A Chain After Moving

Sweet Labrador Would Not Leave His Sibling’s Side When Their Owners Left Them On A Chain After Moving

Rescuers came across a post on Facebook of a concerned hooman stating that her neighbors, who hadn’t been home for a month, left behind two dogs chained in their backyard.

She also stated that, while recently walking past the house, she noticed a really bad smell coming from the yard.

The rescuers, fearing the worst, contacted the girl but they did not get any answer. Since they knew that they didn’t have any time to waste, they decided to head to the area and try to find this home themselves.

Search And Rescue Mission

photo of a house
Source: Animal Rescue

As soon as they arrived, they started asking people on the streets if they knew or had any information about these two pups.

After three hours of searching, they finally found the house!

They were forced to break the lock to get in the backyard, and as soon as they did, they were met with a terrible smell.

They caught a glimpse of something lying on the grass, and when they got closer, they noticed that it was an extremely malnourished pup.

chained up labrador
Source: Animal Rescue

While freeing the pup and trying to get him on a leash, they noticed that the other pup unfortunately did not make it.

Heartbroken, they were determined to get the other pup, a male Labrador, all the help he needed since he was only skin and bones, starving and terribly sick.

malnourished dog getting examined
Source: Animal Rescue

The rescuers immediately carried this sweet boy to their car and rushed him to the vet. Even though he was very scared of his rescuers, he still decided to cooperate. It was as if he knew that they were about to change his life for the better.

New Chapter

After his medical examination, the vets determined that it would be for the best if he stayed at the clinic under close examination.

Luckily, after receiving a blood transfusion, the pup’s appetite increased, and he was able to clean up every bowl his hoomans brought. This was a very good sign!

sad labrador lying
Source: Animal Rescue

Not long after being rescued, the doggo, now named Boss, came out of his shell and started to show clear signs of recovery.

His health started to improve, he gained a lot of healthy weight, and he became one happy dog.

In no time, he was discharged from the clinic and was able to move into a loving foster home, and they made sure that he had everything he needed and so much more.

dog with a purple ball lying on grass
Source: Animal Rescue

Foster care truly did wonders for Boss, as he was able to make a full recovery.

He transformed into the happiest, most playful pup ever who loved being alive. Soon, he found himself a family who fell in love with him as soon as they met him so they decided to adopt him.

happy labrador
Source: Animal Rescue

Boss now not only has a loving family but also an adorable furry sibling who loves having fun playdates with him.

This sweet boy is finally living a life he always deserved – full of happiness, love, and friendship.

Final Word

Unfortunately, there are many instances where dogs are cruelly abandoned by their owners without being given a second chance.

Animals have emotions, too, and when they are suddenly dumped, they may become depressed or even aggressive.

So, please, if you are moving or simply not able to care for your pets anymore, don’t leave them behind. Instead, take them to your local animal shelter and provide them with a chance for a new life. You owe them at least that.