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labrador retriever

Year after year, Labrador Retriever dogs hit the number-one spot on the American Kennel Club’s ‘most popular dog breed’ list, proudly holding the title of top dogs in every sense. Learn all about this amazing breed and see why they are everyone’s all-time favorite pups.

smile and happy purebred labrador retriever dog outdoors in grass park on sunny summer day

Do Labradors Shed? A Complete Guide To Labrador Shedding

Find the answer in our handy guide, with tips and advice on reducing Labrador Retriever hair in your home!

white labrador retriever walking on the grass

White Labrador Retrievers – The Secret Behind Their Color

The Doberman Pinscher vs. The German Shepherd: A detailed comparison to help you decide which breed makes the best pet for your home.

white dudley lab

Dudley Labrador: Everything You Need To Know About The Pink Nose Lab

Dudley Labradors are a rare variation of Labrador Retrievers. This article will let you know about their traits, health issues, and price.

male vs female labrador retriever sitting next to each other

Male Vs. Female Labrador Retriever: Which One Is Better?

Wondering which would be better for you? Check out this in-depth guide to find the answer!

cane corso labrador mix

Labrador Mixes: A Guide To 26 Different Lab Mix Breeds

By choosing any of the marvelous and loving Labrador mixes we selected for all dog fanciers today, you will certainly not go wrong!

three labrador retriever dogs with different coats

Labrador Colors: The Pinwheel of Colors and Markings

Labrador Retrievers come in more than just three basic colors. Here is a complete guide to all Labrador colors, patterns, and markings!

miniature labrador outdoors

Miniature Labrador: Here Is The Mini Version Of The Popular Lab

Does a miniature Labrador exist? Is this dog equally as friendly as the standard Lab, just in a smaller version? Find all the answers here.

labrador licking bowl

Labrador Feeding Chart: Feed Your Lab Like A Pro!

This Labrador chart is a useful feeding guide for Labrador Retriever owners that are looking for a balanced diet.

charcoal coloured labrador lying on the grass

Charcoal Lab: Unique Labrador Retriever Color

Meet the charcoal Lab — a Labrador Retriever with a unique coat color. If you are a fan of rare pups, then this article is for you!

Labrador lying in the green grass

Labrador Ear Cropping: You What?!

Is Labrador ear cropping popular? Find out about ear cropping, and how Labs fare with it!

labrador sleeping in the best dog bed for labrador

10 Best Dog Beds For Labrador Retrievers: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best dog bed for Labrador is extremely important for every dog owner. We are to help you with our list.

labrador dog eating from a bowl on the floor

11 Best Dog Food For Labrador Retrievers

Plenty of brands qualify for the title of best dog food for Labrador Retrievers. See which ones are the top picks right here.

Labrador Growth Chart For Dog Lovers

Here is a Labrador growth chart for dog enthusiasts who are particularly interested in the development and growth of this dog breed.

Labrador Retriever takes a bath

16 Options For The Best Shampoo For A Labrador Retriever

16 options for the best shampoo for Labrador Retrievers that will keep both their skin and hair smooth and good-looking.

person brushing a labrador puppy

19 Examples Of The Best Brush For Labrador For Dog Lovers

Looking for the best brush for Labrador? Make sure to check out our list of great grooming tools for your furry companion.

silver labrador in nature

Silver Labradors: Our New Favorite Lab Color

A truth or a myth: is the Silver Labrador a mixed dog breed, or is it a purebred? Find the answers to your burning questions here!

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🐾 Labrador Hip Problems And Their Symptoms