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Labradoodle is a beautiful mix between a very popular Labrador Retriever and intelligent Poodle (toy, miniature, or standard). They are intelligent, friendly, affectionate, and make ideal family pets. 

the puppy is chewing something

Merle Labradoodle: All The Facts You Need To Know

The Merle Labradoodle is a unique mixed breed due to its fur color. They make a loving pet.

Phantom Labradoodles lie down and rest

Are Phantom Labradoodles Real? A Guide To Unique Doodle Coat Colors

While unknown until recently, the gorgeous phantom Labradoodle is growing in popularity. What makes this coat color so unique and rare?

a micro labradoodle sits in a bucket

Micro Labradoodle: What You Never Knew About These Dogs

A micro Labradoodle is the cutest and smallest of all Doodles. Here's everything you never knew about the tiny breed with a big heart.

labradoodle lies on the sofa

F1 Labradoodle – How Is It Different From Other Labradoodle Generations?

Is F1 Labradoodle the best possible generation you can find? In this article, you can find out what makes these pups special.

golden dog sitting outside

Labradoodle Names: The Doodliest Of Them All

Labradoodle names are exactly like little Labradoodles: sweet and fun! This loving dog breed deserves only the sweetest name ideas!

mini australian labradoodle

Mini Australian Labradoodle – The Cutest Doodle Out There

Mini Australian Labradoodles might easily be the cutest Poodle mix out there. Here's everything you need to know about these pups!

teacup labradoodle lying on a blanket at home

Teacup Mini Labradoodle: Meet Your Favorite Doodle

Are you ready to meet the most adorable Doodle? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Teacup Mini Labradoodle breed!

cute labradoodle puppy

16 Labradoodle Colors: A Complete Guide To All Shades

Labradoodle colors: Learn all about the shades of magnificent Labradoodles – the mixed-breed pups that will steal your heart!

Labradoodle pup inside sleeping on the floor beside a rug

What Impacts The Labradoodle Growth Chart?

You have just purchased a labradoodle, but you have no idea how to monitor its development? Check out this growth chart!

Labradoodle getting a haircut at the vet

7 Labradoodle Haircuts You Won’t Be Able To Resist

If you are looking for a change in your doodle’s hair style, then here you go: 7 Labradoodle Haircuts You Won’t Be Able To Resist!

cute Straight Hair Labradoodle posing for photo

The Ultimate Guide To Straight Hair Labradoodles

Straight Hair Labradoodles are a unique mix of Poodles and Labradors. Learn everything about them and their special coats in this article.

Happy Labradoodle Dog and woman outside at the park

7 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Should Never Own Labradoodles

Are you having second thoughts about getting a Poodle Lab mix? Here are seven crucial reasons why you should never own Labradoodles.

red labradoodle eating dog food

The Labradoodle Feeding Chart

The Labradoodle feeding chart is a great guideline to help you build your own Doodle’s feeding plan. See what it looks like here.