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Kona, The Tiny Dog, Is The Sweetest Foster Mom For Kittens In Need

Kona, The Tiny Dog, Is The Sweetest Foster Mom For Kittens In Need

She’s such a tiny dog, but she’s got so much love in her little body. One half of Kona is made of love, and the other half is caring and understanding. 

Other dogs would follow their primal instincts and chase cats, but Kona’s not one of them. Her instincts are maternal and loving. 

When her hooman mom brought home the first kittens to foster, Kona did what she felt she had to do: embrace the little ones and love them unconditionally as her own babies.

A Tiny Dog Made Of Love

Seeing dog-cat friendships was quite unusual back in the day. However, circumstances have changed, and we now see a lot of such friendships. Having a household with more than just one pet, especially the ones where cats and dogs are equal, helps a lot with this fact.

Still, dogs acting as moms for kittens isn’t that common. I know I still melt like ice cream on a hot summer day whenever I see a dog momma caring for kittens as her own. 

Kona is one of those dogs and, personally, I bawled my eyes out after checking out her story. She stole my heart as one special doggy gal.

Kona’s hooman mom, Asa, took Kona in when she needed a foster home. 

Little by little, the tiny dog grew on her, and Asa had to adopt her furever in her home in Alexandria, Virginia. That’s why Kona knows best what it’s like to search for a home and be alone in the world.

The first time kittens were about to come to Asa to foster them, she was nervous, thinking Kona would act like any dog and reject them. Nothing could prepare Asa for what Kona did.

This sweet dog was super mellow and happy about kittens in her home. Kona welcomed them, full of love, ready to care for them. She was just their new friend, and she became a foster mom, too!

“… from the get go she was amazing. Whenever they’re small, she carries them by grabbing them by the scruff, kind of like what a mother cat does to their babies,” said Asa in the video.

You’d think that such a loving dog would be quite relaxed and open-minded about pretty much anyone. But, Kona wasn’t really that relaxed at first. Having a tough puppyhood, Kona went from Tennessee to New York to her final home in Virginia with Asa. And, she went through a lot!

This sweet girl was quite anxious when Asa adopted her. It took them months for Kona to unwind. Having puppies as other fosters didn’t help at all. 

Kona wasn’t really a dog person. 

Then, Asa found kittens to foster, and that’s where Kona’s loving personality finally shined through. 

New Friends Are Good

Dogs usually like other dogs, but for Kona, her own kind was a bit too much. You know how puppies can be: energetic, a bit annoying, and never tired. Sweet girl Kona needed something a bit cuddlier. 

Enter her life: soft, fluffy kittens who needed a mom. 

“So from there, she kinda became my left-hand man in the sense of trying to socialize them… She kinda brings us all together in a sense,” added Asa. 

Every kitty that comes into this Virginia home knows where to look for a safe harbor. Kona is always there to offer a snuggle session, give them tons of wet kisses, or simply be a mom when they need one. 

This brave little dog didn’t give birth to the kittens, but she loves them the way only a mother does.

It’s been a while since Kona had her first foster kittens. Today, she’s an expert foster with incredible knowledge in kittenhood and pawrenting. 

Kona and Asa invite you to hop on Instagram, check out their incredible foster stories, and donate to fluffy buddies in need. 

Maybe you can’t be a foster pawrent but at least you could help one out.