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Kids Volunteering At Shelter Reunite With Their Missing Dog After 2 Long Years

Kids Volunteering At Shelter Reunite With Their Missing Dog After 2 Long Years

Being away from your dog is never easy. And, making peace with the fact that you may never see each other again is just devastating!

When the Navarro family, from Sacramento, California, lost their family dog, Macho, they were heartbroken. This tiny dog frantically ran away in the middle of the family’s moving and he never came back.

Years had passed, and the family started losing hope that they would ever be reunited. They barely held onto hope that one day, he might come back home.

But then, destiny intervened!

The Best Surprise Ever

The Navarro family was moving from Sacramento to Marysville, which, for some reason, triggered stress in Macho, and he ran away.

Despite the initial shock, his owners believed that the dog would appear soon, but as it turned out, he never showed up.

Two long years had passed, but Harmony Navarro and her kids never got over losing Macho. There was always a tiny piece of hope that their family pooch would somehow, someday, find his way home.

And then, one day, the phone rang! The good people of Bradshaw Animal Shelter contacted Harmony with the most amazing news.

Their team successfully retrieved Macho after years of being away from his family. And, thanks to his microchip, they were able to track the owners down

Harmony arranged a visit to the BAS facility to pick up the dog, but she decided to keep it a surprise.

She told her kids that they were going to sign up for volunteering, but when a volunteer showed up with Macho on a leash, the whole family was shocked

When they saw their lost dog standing in front of them after so much time, the kids couldn’t believe their eyes.

“She brought the whole family down, but didn’t tell them why they were coming. Imagine their surprise when their long lost dog came walking up,” the BAS team wrote on Facebook.

Heartwarming Reunion

The whole situation turned into the most tear-jerking reunion. Everyone in the shelter shedded tears of happiness after Macho recognized his hoomans and started giving them the sweetest kisses.

“This scene caused quite a few tears yesterday, and not just in the family. Our staff was so happy to be part of such a beautiful reunification,” BAS wrote.

The Navarro family was so grateful that their long-lost dog was finally with them. And, despite all odds, he was healthy and had no injuries.

Harmony’s daughter, in particular, was glad that her best friend in the world had made it home. 

“He was my best friend. And, then when he ran away, I just broke down and fell apart,” Harmony’s daughter told CBS Sacramento.

After so many sleepless nights of wondering, Macho was finally right where he belonged this entire time!

Watch Macho’s and family’s full reunion in the video below!