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This Kayaker Was About To Go In The Water When He Saw Something That Shocked Him

This Kayaker Was About To Go In The Water When He Saw Something That Shocked Him

I have to admit I am not easily shocked by things I see in real life. In fact, I think I’ve grown quite numb to certain things.

However, there are some things that will always leave me completely heartbroken, and that is seeing a struggling animal.

Seeing them move around desperately, trying to make it from one day to the next, is so depressing, and I honestly wish I could help each and every one of them.

However, that is not realistic and there is only so much one person can do. In the case of this woman who loved kayaking, she realized that there was something off when she went to Lake Thurmond in South Carolina, so she decided to investigate.

A Shocking Revelation

Just as she was about to go in the water, she realized there were four strange mud balls right there on the shore. 

She got closer and realized what it really was. It was four hairless puppies who were desperately trying to survive.

The woman immediately stopped what she was doing and went to help them. She noticed that they were quite shy but accepted her help right away.

This was a good sign as it meant that the woman could take them to a safer place that instant. They later arrived at Final Victory Animal Rescue in South Carolina and the staff there were shocked.

As soon as they saw the condition the puppies were in, they couldn’t believe this woman’s story. To think what these puppies must have gone through is so depressing. 

Leslie Rider Osmanski, who works at the shelter, told The Dodo: “All four puppies were very emaciated and covered in demodex mange. Their demodex mange was so severe that they were almost completely hairless.

The rescuers named them “the waters edge puppies” and helped them by showing them a place where they could rest in the shelter.

They were all given a medical bath. Right after that, the staff noticed that the puppies were a bit more relaxed.

While they did suffer from a hard case of mange, they did not have any major health problems that would require surgeries.

A Bright Future For The Puppies

The staff immediately came to the conclusion that these four adorable puppies would recover pretty fast.

Now that they were sure everything was going to be okay, it was time to give them names. They are named: Kayak, Canoe, Paddle Board, and Raft.

Quite fitting names, considering who found them and where. While everyone was confused about their origin, they didn’t manage to find out how the puppies made it there.

They suspected that they were just abandoned there, but there was no way they could confirm that.

Just as they recovered, the shelter staff realized that they needed to be placed on an adoption list.

So, just as that happened, the two boys, Paddle Board and Raft, had already found a wonderful family willing to take them in.

As for the two girls, Canoe and Kayak, I have absolutely no doubt that they will find a forever home very soon.

It’s remarkable to see how kindness and patience shown to puppies can help them transform completely and start a new life with someone amazing. I am glad they are all doing well.