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Is Hobby Lobby Dog Friendly, Or Do They Prefer Cats?

Is Hobby Lobby Dog Friendly, Or Do They Prefer Cats?

Hobby Lobby has store locations all over the States. If you’re a fan of shopping for home goods, then you have definitely visited this awesome place!

But, have you gone alone? What about your dog?

Is Hobby Lobby Dog Friendly?

Every dog owner wants to spend more time with their dog, even if it includes going shopping together. Some stores have pet-friendly policies, while others are strictly against it.

Let’s see if Hobby Lobby likes dogs in their stores, or if they’re more of a cat-person!

So, Is Hobby Lobby Dog Friendly?

Hobby Lobby store inside

Hobby Lobby is one of the rare stores that actually allow our canine friends to visit. You can go shopping for DIY supplies with your four-legged helper!

Even though we live in a pretty modern time when dogs are treated as family members and our equals, some popular stores still don’t allow dogs to visit. And that’s absolutely okay. It’s their policy and their right to do so. Some stores have pretty strict rules about their hygiene for the sake of others and themselves.

Fortunately, Hobby Lobby, a heaven for crafters, is super into dogs. If you’re a creative person and love spending time browsing through their aisles, bring your dog the next time you visit. Hobby Lobby is like a wonderland for creative folks. You can lose track of time pretty quickly once you start shopping.

Sure, online shopping is an option because Hobby Lobby offers that too. But, there’s something about going in person and checking out items you need in real life. And, you have to admit, Hobby Lobby just smells… fantastic!

As long as your dog is trained and socialized, you can visit this store without a fear that something might trigger unwanted behavior in your dog.

I’m sure your buddy will be thrilled to see something new, and to spend extra time with you, doing something you like.

What Is Hobby Lobby? My City Doesn’t Have One…

Oh, wait a minute! Your city doesn’t have a Hobby Lobby? You don’t know what this store is all about?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain Hobby Lobby to you so well, you’ll wish you have one in your city.

In case things change, or you visit a place with a Hobby Lobby, this is what you need to know about this store.

Hobby Lobby isn’t just one store. This is a chain of stores, over 800 of them. You can find them in pretty much every corner of the USA. Hobby Lobby was first opened back in 1972. The founder and CEO, David Green, has been in charge ever since.

This is a family business, and their pet-friendly policy is absolutely justified. Because, our dogs are our family, right?

What most people don’t know about Hobby Lobby is that they care a lot about true values. I can only add that they’re sticking to their motto the best way they can.

Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays, so keep that in mind if you want to shop on weekends. Also, they don’t carry morally questionable items like alcohol. What you’ll find in Hobby Lobby are arts and crafts supplies, as well as lovely decorations, and party supplies.

Hobby Lobby is definitely heaven for a DIYer.

What’s Hobby Lobby’s Pet Policy?

Surprisingly, Hobby Lobby’s official policy says nothing about dogs being allowed inside their stores.

But, this doesn’t mean what I said earlier is a lie.

Hobby Lobby does allow dogs in, but it’s more of a practice conducted by all stores, than an official policy.

The past several years have brought a lot of improvement in pet policies all over the States, not just in Hobby Lobby. People are more open-minded and don’t care if they browse the same aisles as dogs do. I mean, should they really care? Dogs are living beings, just like everyone else.

If you have an obedient dog that shows zero signs of aggression, you can take it anywhere.

Hobby Lobby stores are, generally speaking, pretty open-minded and always go in the favor of the customer. Sure, I can’t guarantee that all their stores share the same point of view. But, people that buy at Hobby Lobby have tried out this “policy” and claim dogs are more than welcome.

Basically, no one will give you the stink eye for bringing your dog along. In fact, a lot of owners enjoy seeing our tail-wagging buddies. Some even claim their visits are the highlights of their day. You know, besides going to work at Hobby Lobby!

If you’re still not so sure about bringing a furry shopper along, you can always contact the store in your area and check it out. The helpful personnel will be happy to satisfy your doubts.

What Kind Of Dogs Are Allowed Into Hobby Lobby?

a dog in a shop

I bet you’re looking to see which breeds are welcome to Hobby Lobby!

We will discuss the matter of so-called dangerous breeds and their entry to Hobby Lobby in the next paragraph.

What I want to tell you is that there are no breed restrictions, according to Hobby Lobby. Everyone’s welcome: from tiny Chihuahuas to big Newfs. Oh, well, with Newfs you have to be extra careful not to break anything. But, you get the point.

The only kind of dogs that are allowed into Hobby Lobby are trained ones. That’s it. You don’t have to have a fancy breed at home. No one will kick you out for bringing a rescue crossbreed dog. Just make sure your dog behaves and isn’t at all aggressive.

Are There Some Breeds That Aren’t Allowed Into Hobby Lobby?

Technically speaking, there’s no breed that’s forbidden to enter Hobby Lobby.

However, different regulations apply to different US States. Some dog breeds aren’t as desirable as others. Yes, I’m talking about those so-called dangerous dog breeds.

People fear dogs like Pitbulls, Rottweilers, or Dobermans because they have a bad reputation as being aggressive. But, Rotties are actually sweet and good with kids. Dobies are definitely not aggressive!

Seriously, there’s no such thing as an aggressive dog by birth. And no, some dogs aren’t destined to be aggressive and some to be kind. All dogs are good, you just need to socialize them appropriately. I mean, a Chihuahua is small, but it can be aggressive too. The size has nothing to do with the behavior.

Aggression is something that comes along the way, when dog owners don’t want to pay attention to socialization and proper dog training.

That’s why some States have regulations for wearing muzzles and even bans on certain dog breeds. Pitbulls are probably the most banned breed of dogs in the USA.

So, in some parts of the country, bringing a Pitbull into Hobby Lobby might not be a good idea. I recommend you call in and ask that specific store if they’re dog friendly and whether they mind “dangerous” dog breeds.

Can I Bring My Therapy Dog To Hobby Lobby?


We all know how important service animals or therapy dogs are to us humans. To forbid them from entering Hobby Lobby would be just inhumane. This chain of craft stores has no prejudices and welcomes all support animals.

In case you’re not sure what therapy dogs or service dogs are, I’m going to elaborate on it for you.

Service dogs are busy, working doggies. They’re specially trained to help people with disabilities. These dogs are able to sense seizures coming, diabetic shock, they assist people with visual impairment, mental disabilities, etc.

Not every dog can be a service dog. Most often, one puppy from a litter will be picked to be trained as the breeder sees potential in him or her.

Stores are legally obliged to let in service dogs, as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claims. So, you don’t have to worry if Hobby Lobby is pet friendly if you have a service canine by your side.

People often mix up the terms: service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support dogs.

Therapy dogs can usually be found in special facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. They don’t normally get paired with individuals. Therapy dogs are of great help because they provide comfort, and understanding for people. Lots of veterans are using therapy canines for the much-needed support.

What I want to point out is that emotional support dogs aren’t really recognized by the ADA. More precisely, they can’t qualify as service dogs. The problem with emotional support dogs is that certain pet owners overuse the term. Some even go so far as to use those dogs for their own benefits, i.e. to cut lines.

Sadly, I see more and more fake emotional support dogs.

If you have a real service canine and want to take your dog shopping for home decor or DIY supplies, Hobby Lobby will never stand in your way.

What Should Every Dog Owner Bring Along To Hobby Lobby?

the dog in the shop is sitting and waiting

Oh, the answer to this question is quite simple. You don’t need many items to go shopping with your dog at Hobby Lobby.

The most important thing to bring along is a leash or a harness, depending what you use for your dog.

No matter how well-trained and obedient your dog is, you should never let it roam through Hobby Lobby or any other store without supervision. They might be calm and friendly, but other people may not know it. Other people may feel threatened.

Also, Hobby Lobby can get pretty busy, and big crowds, new surroundings, and unusual sounds may scare your dog and it can unintentionally make a mess.

So, keep a tight grip of the leash and your pooch by your side.

Next thing you will need is a muzzle, but this only applies to dog breeds that are considered dangerous. For example, if you have a wolf-like dog like an Alaskan Malamute, you should muzzle it so the visitors don’t give you the stink eye.

Make sure your dog goes potty before you go in so you don’t have any accidents. However, I always bring doggy bags on my keychains, just in case.

Other than these items, there’s really no point in bringing anything else with you.

Okay, bring your credit card too, because no one leaves Hobby Lobby empty-handed!

Are Other Animals Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby is mostly dog friendly, but they accept other furry visitors too. Feline friends can visit Hobby Lobby!

But, I believe that’s where the list ends. Hobby Lobby will be more than happy to welcome cats and dogs, but not other four-legged or no-legged creatures.

You shouldn’t bring pets like hamsters, snakes, lizards, birds, or teacup pigs into Hobby Lobby. Imagine the outbreak of panic if someone saw you waltzing in with a snake around your neck. I understand that you love your pet, and you have every right to do so, but some pets are meant to stay at home.

Seriously, do you really need to walk your hamster in Hobby Lobby? Exactly.

So, in order not to make a huge fuss about it and raise panic, better leave exotic pets at home.

Hobby Lobby’s policy is flexible, but not that flexible.

Even if you bring dogs or cats along with you, I recommend you either put them on a leash, in a carrier, or in one of those super-cool pet backpacks. Let’s make sure all pets are under control, so no one has to be afraid around you. You never know if someone’s really scared of dogs, no matter how friendly they are.

Are All Hobby Lobby Stores Pet Friendly?

We can’t be certain if all Hobby Lobby stores are dog-friendly. I mean, have you been to all 800 Hobby Lobby stores?

This all has to do with Hobby Lobby’s non-existent policy.

We do know that some stores only allow small dogs or service dogs in. Before you attend in person, call your local store manager and check out what their in-store policy is.

What I can guarantee you is that a well-behaved dog that’s been through training and socialization can enter any Hobby Lobby. However, keep bigger dogs leashed, and muzzle those breeds that are considered dangerous.

I’m really pleased to say that there are lots of stores like Hobby Lobby. We see a nice jump ahead in lots of store policies. Dogs aren’t considered as unwanted guests anymore. Furry friends are welcome to come in, shop together with their pet parents, and spend some fun time together.

Sure, you can always hop on Amazon if Hobby Lobby doesn’t have what you need. But, I prefer visiting my local Hobby Lobby with my Fido. Everyone knows us there, and we always have some nifty projects to DIY together. Well, I DIY, while my dog snoozes in the corner.

Which Other Popular Stores Are Pet-Friendly Too?

petco store

If you’re interested, I’d like to share a list of other dog-friendly stores. Some might be in your area, some might not. But I believe it wouldn’t be half-bad to know which store chains are dog lovers. Some of these stores might not have official pet policies, but they’re still always so happy to see tail-wagging buddies at their doors.

Pet-friendly stores are:

Home Depot



TJ Maxx




Apple Store

Tractor Supply Co.



Pottery Barn

Which Popular Stores Are Not Pet-Friendly?

We should have some understanding for stores that aren’t dog friendly. There’s always a good reason behind their decision. Most of these stores sell food and don’t allow dogs in so they don’t break FDA rules.

Stores without friendly dog policies are:





Trader Joe’s

Whole Foods


Now you know the answer to the question: Is Hobby Lobby dog friendly?

Hobby Lobby is one of those stores that love seeing canine visitors. However, as you now know, not every US State has the same regulations and laws for all dog breeds. Some dangerous breeds like Pitbulls may still not be welcome.

It’s always better to phone in and ask the manager if it’s okay to come with your dog. It’s either that or you’re risking being kicked out of that store.

Most Hobby Lobby stores have open pet-friendly policies. The company doesn’t have an official pet policy, but the practice has proven to us how great Hobby Lobby is.

All you have to make sure is that your dog is on a leash and trained. Don’t bring dogs you can’t control into Hobby Lobby or any other store. Sure, they might not be dangerous, but the person standing in line next to you doesn’t know that.

You could get in trouble for something you could’ve prevented.

Just keep a smile on your face, your hand nicely grasping the leash, and your dog always by your side while enjoying shopping at Hobby Lobby!