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Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a sighthound dog whose dignified and calm temperament cannot leave any dog lover indifferent. Used to be fearless hunters, these dogs today are kind and patient companions to humans.

Puppy and big gray dog of breed Irish Wolfhound outdoors

How Much Does An Irish Wolfhound Cost? Crunching Numbers

The cost of owning an Irish Wolfhound can be pricey, but it's nothing to worry about. Let's see how affordable these pups are!

A huge Irish wolfhound stands on the river bank with a blurred autumn background

Irish Wolfhound Lifespan and Health Problems – What You Need to Know

How long is the Irish Wolfhound lifespan? Why do these dogs live so short? Here are a few tips and tricks for helping your pooch live longer!

portrait of an irish wolfhound

22 Irish Wolfhound Colors To Make Your Day (With Pictures)

These dogs are known for their vibrant shades and patterns. Find out what color Irish Wolfhound puppies look like when they are all grown up.

puppy of breed the Irish Wolfhound sits on a green grass in the yard

23 Irish Wolfhound Mixes: Crossbreeds You’ve Got To Love

Read this article and discover some of the most unique and amazing crossbreeds in the world of canines!

irish wolfhound sitting

Irish Wolfhound Growth Chart – How Tall Is The Tallest Dog?

Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest dog breed on Earth. Find out just how big they can get with this Irish Wolfhound growth chart.

irish wolfhound lies in grass

The Irish Wolfhound Feeding Chart: Diet For The Tallest Dog

This is the comprehensive Irish Wolfhound feeding chart developed according to the dog’s age, from 1 month of age to senior years!