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Injured Puppy’s Cries For Help Were Ignored Until A Group Of Rescuers Came To Help

Injured Puppy’s Cries For Help Were Ignored Until A Group Of Rescuers Came To Help

With an injured leg and a heart full of love, a little abandoned puppy was lying on the side of a road in Ensenada, California, hoping to be rescued.

Whenever passers-by would walk past her, the pup would look at them with her sweet eyes that begged for compassion.

Although the puppy was hit by a car and hurt by people, she didn’t lose faith in humanity. 

The lovely canine kept believing that good humans would come to her aid, and she was eagerly expecting to see them.

The puppy didn’t let herself lose hope for a better tomorrow.

Good Humans Respond To The Call For Help

injured puppy on the side of the road
Source: The Dodo

As soon as the rescuers, Henry, Sydney, and Pris heard that an injured puppy needed their help, they rushed to help her.

When they arrived at the location, the rescue team spotted the puppy, who greeted them with her wagging tail. She rolled over and asked for belly rubs. 

The pup’s beautiful brown eyes were melting from love. 

The rescuers were smitten with her. They cuddled her and picked her up in their arms.

The puppy, later named Nemo, was happy because the good people she was waiting for finally came.

The rescue team placed her in the front seat of their car and talked to her. Nemo gave them the most adorable smile and captivated their hearts. 

close-up photo of the injured dog
Source: The Dodo

Nemo’s heroes believed that at some point, she finally had a family because she was a real sweetheart.

Her heroes took her to the vet. 

While Nemo was waiting for a medical checkup, she couldn’t stop smiling. The pup appreciated the rescuers’ help.

“She’s just happy to be here and happy to be alive,” Henry told The Dodo.

The cute puppy was diagnosed with a couple of tick-borne diseases, and she received treatment. Her back leg was broken, and it healed in the wrong position. 

Since it couldn’t be fixed, the pup’s leg, unfortunately, needed to be amputated, and Nemo was scheduled for surgery.

A Foster Home Of Her Dreams

dog sitting on the carpet
Source: The Dodo

The Animal Pad, a non-profit dog rescue organization based in San Diego, California, took her under their care. 

They found her a loving foster, and Nemo moved in with Sarah, her foster mom.

Mia, Nemo’s foster sister, fell in love with Nemo the moment she met her. Nemo was a bit reserved toward her, but Mia didn’t feel discouraged.

The lovely doggo kept trying to bring Nemo toys. She wished to win her heart. 

The adorable pup realized that Mia wanted to help her. The two sisters began spending a lot of time together and eventually became best friends. 

close-up photo of two dogs
Source: The Dodo

They often snuggled together.

Nemo’s foster mom showered the puppy with a ton of love. Both she and Mia were Nemo’s biggest support.

The Pup’s Amazing Spirit

dog sitting on bed
Source: @sar_cakes00

Nemo underwent surgery, and it was successful. She started recovering in her loving foster home.

Both Sarah and Mia were always by her side, encouraging her and helping her heal.

Nemo’s foster mom was impressed with the amount of energy and willpower she had. Losing her leg didn’t slow her down.

“… She had no issues with the change! She’s zooming around, ankle-biting my other foster, staring at herself in mirrors, wrasslin’ all her toys,” Sarah commented on Instagram.

Nemo still loves people, and she is the sweetest girl. The pup often rolls over and asks for belly rubs from her neighbors.

photo of dog by purple flowers
Source: @sar_cakes00

Although Nemo and Mia live their best lives with their incredible foster mom, they can’t wait to meet their forever parents and give them all their love.

I hope that both sweet girls will soon find their place under the sun.