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Severely Injured Puppy Left On The Side Of The Road Is A Brand New Dog Now

Severely Injured Puppy Left On The Side Of The Road Is A Brand New Dog Now

All dogs who find themselves living on the streets dream of finding their parents and feeling their unconditional love. 

Street life is extremely difficult for all homeless canines, and even more so for the little puppies.

Sadly, many puppies who have just come into the world end up separated from the loving arms of their mom. Their merciless owners abandon them and deprive them of love and a happy puppyhood.

Rosie was one of the many fur babies who was left on the side of a road. Without her mom, the tiny fur baby felt lonely and scared. She kept expecting to reunite with her and feel her love once again.

In Need Of Help

photo of frightened and injured puppy
Source: The Dodo

After some time had passed, the abandoned puppy realized that her mom wasn’t coming. The little pooch was hungry and she decided to ask humans for help.

Unfortunately, just as the puppy was crossing the street, she was hit by a motorbike. She was injured and unable to move. 

A woman named Nele, who was a volunteer at a local shelter, found her. 

Nele felt sad to see the tiny, frightened puppy all alone and in urgent need of help. The pup’s face was a little deformed. She was underweight and she was missing a lot of fur. 

Nele held her face in her hands, and the fur baby looked at her. She realized that this puppy was a fighter.

close-up photo of puppy's head
Source: The Dodo

“The way she looked into my eyes, there was a strong will to live,” Nele told The Dodo.

She took the puppy, later named Rosie, to the vet clinic. The pup had multiple fractures on her hip. The vets took care of her and monitored her until she felt better.

Thriving in Her Foster Home

dog getting a bath in a red bucket
Source: The Dodo

Nele decided to foster Rosie herself, and took her home. She gave the pooch medicated baths and was determined to help her heal.

The puppy began eating and she gained weight. Nele cuddled the sweet baby and gave her all her love and support.

“I held her in my arms, showing her that I’m there for her,” Nele added.

woman cuddling with a dog
Source: The Dodo

After feeling safe and loved, Rosie thrived.

Three weeks later, she started coming out of her shell and showing her wonderful personality. The lovely puppy became stronger. She didn’t want to stay in the house anymore.

Nele took her outside and carried her in a baby carrier because the pup couldn’t walk properly. Rosie was happy. She couldn’t stop smiling while she looked around and admired the view.

As time passed, the fur baby became more energetic. She started walking better.

Rosie’s foster mom was overjoyed when the resilient pup made a full recovery.

She took Rosie to the ocean for the first time and the pooch enjoyed running on the beach. She was playful and carefree.

dog named rosie
Source: The Dodo

Eventually, her fur grew back, and she became a fluffy pup. 

Nele rejoiced at seeing her transform into a beautiful and happy princess. She knew that Rosie was ready to go to her forever home.

The Beautiful Fur Baby Finds Her Happiness

woman holding rosie the dog
Source: Instagram

Rosie’s new parents fell in love with her as soon as they saw her. They couldn’t wait to take her home and shower her with love.

Rosie was thrilled to move into her forever home and run into her parents’ arms. She met her doggy brother, Prince, and the two got along wonderfully.

photo of two dogs on a couch
Source: Instagram

The pooch changed her name to Kenzie. She lives her best life in her home. Her parents dote on her and give her all their love.

“Rescue dogs just have a different kind of appreciation. She just has this look in her eyes, and you can just see that she’s loved. She’s just such a happy little dog. She’s a great addition to the family,“ Chelsea told The Dodo.

We couldn’t be happier for Kenzie. She deserved to find a loving home and great parents who will cherish her and love her forever.