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Injured Dog Was So Scared That She Hid Under A Car But Then Somebody Decided To Help Her

Injured Dog Was So Scared That She Hid Under A Car But Then Somebody Decided To Help Her

No dog deserves to be denied the right to feel infinitely loved and cherished.

Unfortunately, many dogs endure neglect in the hands of their cruel owners and dream of feeling the loving touch of a human hand.

Tres was one of the canines who was neglected by her family – the very people who were supposed to love her the most. 

After her owners left her injured and frightened on the streets, the pup crawled under a car.

Despite being let down by people, there was a flicker of hope in her heart that a good human would provide her with the necessary help.

A Woman Spots A Dog Under Her Car

When Vannia Castillo, a dog rescuer, received a call about a pup hiding under a car, she immediately headed to the scene. 

As soon as she arrived and laid eyes on the fearful and heavily matted pup, Castillo was deeply saddened.

She talked to the dog, promising that she would help her. She tried to coax her to go outside. Although the pup was too weak, she managed to raise her paw as if she was asking for help.

When the rescuer moved to the other side of the car, she realized that the doggo’s paw was injured.

Castillo crawled under the car and collected the pup.

The pup was extremely kind and grateful to be rescued. Despite the pain she endured, she had a smile on her face, and her little tail wagged non-stop.

Taking Her To The Vet

Castillo rushed her to the vet clinic. The vets gave her a full medical checkup and trimmed her matted fur. 

They took X-rays of her leg and informed Castillo that the dog’s leg was damaged beyond repair. Sadly, it needed to be amputated.

Before she underwent the surgery, the pooch, later named Tres, was cheerful.

puppy lying on pink fluffy dog bed
Source: HOPEful 

Castillo felt a sense of relief after she found out that the surgery went well. 

Tres began her recovery, and she soon started walking with a smile on her face. 

Castillo visited her at the clinic. She encouraged her to continue fighting and showered her with love.

The adorable doggo felt content and grateful because someone cared for her. She wasn’t alone anymore. Every time she looked at her rescuer, her eyes melted with affection.

After spending two weeks at the clinic, Tres was discharged. 

Castillo picked her up and took her home to foster her. The pup couldn’t contain her happiness. On her way home, she kept smiling and looking through the window.

Feeling Adored In Her Foster Home

puppy sitting on bed
Source: The Moho

It didn’t take long for Tres to adjust to her foster home. Her foster mom doted on her and gave her a lot of love. The pooch loved her deeply, and she often covered her in sweet kisses.

Whenever Castillo would return home, Tres would run into her arms.

The sweet canine recovered fully, and her fur regrew. Castillo felt deeply attached to Tres, but she knew that the pup was ready to search for her happiness.

Soon, Tres found a loving forever family. Her foster mom cried tears of joy when her resilient girl got adopted.

Tres kissed Castillo goodbye, and she jumped into the arms of her forever parents, who promised to love her forever.

The wonderful girl was overjoyed to start a new life in her forever home.