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This Incredible Transformation Of A Severely Matted Pup Will Leave You Shocked

This Incredible Transformation Of A Severely Matted Pup Will Leave You Shocked

Although many rescue centers in the U.S. deal with helping dogs, most of them do not have enough capacity to take in all the pups that need help. 

The Animal Rescue Center Of California (ARCC), located in Indio, California, has a practice of helping only stray dogs. But, they recently received a call from a woman who had to relinquish her Havanese puppy, so they got into a dilemma. 

However, when they saw the condition of this heavily-matted dog, they decided to make an exception. They simply had to help the poor nine-month-old boy.

Hidden Beauty

When the people from the rescue center first saw this puppy, they thought he might be 25 to 30 lbs. However, they immediately knew they were wrong when they picked him up. You can then only imagine how much fur he carried. 

Kirk Geiger, the president of the center, said in the ARCC video that this was not the only problem with this pup. According to him, every part of his body needed grooming – from skin and hair to nails. 

That’s why they decided to call in a specialist, a woman named Lucy, who runs a grooming salon in Indio, California. They believed that only she was capable of solving this problem. 

Although she immediately saw that a difficult task awaited her, Lucy was up for the challenge. The grooming session took a very long time, and Lucy had to use all her skills, but in the end, she managed to make magic happen. 

After she removed the two-inch-thick fur, an entirely new puppy emerged. He finally revealed his hidden beauty that swept everyone present off their feet. 

New Beginning

As this represented his new beginning, they decided to give him a new name as well. From that moment on, the puppy was called Dobbey, and he never took the smile off his face. 

After being sad for so long because of the state he was in, Dobbey became the happiest dog in the world. He was full of gratitude to his rescuers, never stopped playing with his canine friends at the center, and showered everyone with lots of kisses.

All he needed was a new home, but he didn’t have to wait long for that either. A month after he was admitted to the rescue center, a Facebook post with the happy news appeared. 

“Dobbey has been adopted! Happy ending for this little guy,” ARCC wrote. “We knew it wouldn’t be long before he was adopted.”

His adopters, Catherin and Mark, moved from New York City to the desert during the pandemic, and after a year and a half, they decided they were ready to adopt their first dog. As soon as they saw Dobbey, they immediately knew that he was the right one. 

Dobbey is now called Riley, and he is surrounded with so much love. When his new hair fully grows, it will be a symbol of his new life in which his beauty will never be hidden again.