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A Giant-Hearted Rescuer From Illinois Saves A Dog Moments Before The Storm

A Giant-Hearted Rescuer From Illinois Saves A Dog Moments Before The Storm

They say that timing is everything, and Mac here would definitely agree if he could speak! This dog, living on the streets of St. Louis, Missouri, was desperate to find someone who would help him. 

With a badly injured hind leg, he was limping around the suburbs. Mac was trying to find refuge from an upcoming winter storm, but he had nowhere to go.

Then, it happened. A woman noticed Mac limping past her car, and she immediately stopped in her tracks. The rest, as they say, is history!

Saved Moments Before The Cold Winter Storm

Mac couldn’t get a better rescuer than Alisha Vianello, the director of Gateway Pet Guardians, from East St. Louis, Illinois. Together with her colleague, Jill, Alisha spotted Mac coping with the freezing cold, and she instantly stopped to help him.

She and Jill first took a moment to come up with a proper strategy to lure Mac into their car, but then an amazing thing happened. Before they could even offer Mac a treat to entice him, Mac approached the car himself and immediately melted around his rescuers.

Judging from his gentle approach, it was as if he was waiting for Alisha and Jill to stop by all this time.

“I think it was fate today that Jill and I just happen to see the sweet pup limping on the street when temperatures were dropping rapidly,” Alisha wrote on Facebook.

He looked so relieved once he surrendered into their loving arms. Mac clearly had a tough time on the street, judging from his wound, but all that faded away the moment Alisha started cuddling him.

“Mac was very chill and friendly from the start, so our team had no problems picking him up and putting him in the backseat of the truck. Mac knew he found a friend with us when he was feeling down and out,” the GPG team wrote.

They were so grateful to be able to save Mac just before the storm, as he would definitely not have made it on his own. Alisha and Jill carefully put Mac in the car and took him to the shelter.

Mac – The Sweetest Lovebug

the dog eats from a tin bowl
Source: @gatewaypets

This rescue sweetie was first assessed by the veterinarian and treated with antibiotics and pain meds. Even though his hind leg injury was vague, the staff suspected that Mac was cruelly shot in the leg.

Despite everything, Mac’s eyes didn’t stop sparkling even for one moment. Even on his first day, when he was so hungry, this cute boi couldn’t decide whether to keep cuddling with his saviors or eat. 

He was so full of life, making it so easy for everyone to fall in love with him. And, within just a few days – everyone did!

the dog lies on the woman's lap
Source: Genie Mergard

Mac’s unbelievable spirit and just the most affectionate nature is probably what kept him alive all this time. Even in what can only be described as the worst of times, he had his hopes high and he never gave up.

With an ongoing leg treatment, Mac’s doing so much better. He has already found an amazing foster family who teaches him how to be a dog again.

But, given Mac’s adorable character, there’s absolutely no doubt that his perfect family will find him soon!