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Husky Abandoned By Family Refuses To “Talk” Until He Meets His New Mom

Husky Abandoned By Family Refuses To “Talk” Until He Meets His New Mom

One thing that has always baffled me is the treatment of unwanted dogs by their owners, as some of them just dump their dogs in a random location and leave.

This is problematic because a better alternative exists and that is to take them to a shelter where they could actually meet someone new who will love and care for them.

And yet, this is still something that happens often in the world and it needs to be addressed. 

In this story, we will talk about a woman from Houston who adopted an abandoned Husky from the streets after his owners left him.

Zeus Was Abandoned

When Zeus was abandoned by his family and left on the streets of Houston, he became really depressed and shut himself out from everything.

However, what he didn’t anticipate was that someone wonderful was going to come into his life and change it for the better.

That someone was Dina Ho. She saw him and just knew immediately that he needed her help, so she took him to his new home.

She told GeoBeats Animals: Huskies talk but Zeus, he didn’t talk at all when I first got him.

Dina’s friends would ask if he was talking a lot, but to their surprise, he was really quiet and would not make a lot of noise as Huskies usually do.

However, everything would change on one fateful day when Zeus finally realized that he was at home and not going to be abandoned anymore.

He let out his first howl from a different room and Dina was over the moon to finally hear his big voice.

Zeus Won’t Stop Howling

Dina said: I did some research. Huskies, they only talk and they only share that side of their personality when they’re comfortable with you.

Every time she tries to leave, he follows her into the elevator so they could go to the park to have some fun.

As time went on, Zeus got even more comfortable and relaxed being around his new mom. She started fostering new puppies and he just loved them.

Dina said: He never touches them ever, he just smells them and so he guards them.

Since adopting Zeus, she has fostered at least three puppies and he always loves being around them.

husky enjoys the beach
Source: @pawruddd

After spending more time with him, Dina noticed that he had some scars on his elbows and his paws, probably from sleeping on the ground.

However, she still believed that he was sleeping inside a house because of how well he was accustomed to everything inside her own home.

Despite his trauma, he was still a well-behaved dog who just wanted to love and be loved by someone special, and Dina couldn’t be happier that he is with her.