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5 Useful Tips On How To Introduce A Hyper Dog To A Kitten

5 Useful Tips On How To Introduce A Hyper Dog To A Kitten

Oh, the two favorite pets – the dog and the cat. Is there a way to make these two animals get along well? This gets even harder if you have a hyper dog. How to introduce a hyper dog to a kitten?

Many people would say dogs and cats are not supposed to live together – since they will never get along well.

But, I beg to differ. Dogs, even the most hyperactive ones, are intelligent animals that can be trained to do so many things.

Of course, some dogs will demand firm and experienced owners, and, if you are one of them, I think you should not give up on having a kitten if you already have a dog that is quite hyper.

Take a look at my advice on how to properly introduce your perky pooch to a kitten. Multipet household can be such fun, but, you need to properly introduce and accustom your dog to the cat. 

Do not forget that these two animals are very different, even though they are two most popular family pets.

How To Introduce A Hyper Dog To A Kitten?

american staffordshire terrier dog with little kitten in the garden

Having a hyper dog, that might also be among the least obedient dog breeds, is not a piece of cake.

If your favorite dog belongs to a group of these dogs, I understand your mistrust of meeting this mischievous dog with a kitten.

However, nothing is impossible! Introducing a hyper dog to a new kitten might be challenging, but, I believe you can get the best out of these two animals’ relationship.

You just need to start with a pleasant introduction. But, have to do this with such a hyper dog?

1. Start Slowly

The most important thing about introducing your dog to a kitten is not to force their encounter. 

When you bring a kitten to your home, you should prepare a separate room just for your new pet. So, your dog should not be allowed to enter this room at the beginning of their coexistence in the same house.

You should put your cat’s food and litter box in this room. Let your kitten get used to the new surroundings. A new home and new people is a change enough by itself – imagine having a hyper dog around your new kitten on the first day in your home!

I am sure you don’t want to look at the best ways to stop your dog from stealing the cat food, or, even worse – to think of ways to calm your dog not to attack the kitten.

You will need some time to prepare, too, so, for the first couple of days, just let your cat get used to her new home. After a couple of days, or a week, you can slowly introduce your dog to your new family member.

2. Let Them Smell Each Other

golden retriever and the kitten smell each other

When a moment comes for your hyper dog to meet your kitten, you should put a leash on your dog. Also, be ready to pull the leash if your dog tries to attack the cat.

When the dog approaches the cat, let them smell each other. This first encounter should be short, because you don’t want either of them to react negatively.

Let them smell each other for a moment, and then move the dog away from the cat. 

Is this necessary with all dogs? Is there always a possibility that a dog might act hostile towards cats?

You don’t want to take your chances, especially with hyper dogs. Dogs have a high prey drive, and their instinct might make them chase after cats.

They don’t even have to dislike the kitten – they will simply chase after it due to their natural instincts.

3. Use Commands

I am sure you know how important dog training is for all aspects of your dog’s life. If you want your hyper dog to meet your kitten without any bad consequences, your dog must understand your commands.

Even though your dog will have a leash, you need to be sure your dog is reacting when you say: No! Stop doing that!

If your dog starts growling at the kitten, or tries to attack her, you need to react right away. You shouldn’t yell at your dog, but rather tell him to stop doing that in a firm, low tone.

If your dog reacts to your words right away, this is a good sign. Bear in mind that a new animal in the house is a big change for your dog, and most dogs are not fans of changes.

So, be patient and persistent while waiting for your dog to get used to the presence of a cat in the house.

4. Reward Your Dog

woman with a dog and a small kitten lying at home

Each day you can slowly increase the amount of time your dog and cat spend in the same room. In the first few days, just in case, still put the leash on your dog.

When the dog stops growling or acting hostile towards the kitten, you should reward him. Offer him his favorite treat, pet him and praise him for being obedient. Your dog might even hide the treats from the cat, but this is something totally normal!

In this way, the dog will associate good behavior towards the kitten with receiving a reward. This increases the chances that your dog will continue to behave well with the new animal in your home!

5. Tire Your Dog Out Before His Encounter With The Kitten

Many dogs will become frustrated and even show aggression when they lack activity and exercise. This does not mean that your hyper dog is an aggressive breed – this just means that he needs more exercise than some other dogs.

Regular and diverse exercise is crucial when you are about to introduce a hyper dog to a kitten. A tired dog is less likely to show aggression or hostile behaviors.

So, before you meet your two pets, make sure your dog has plenty of exercise. You can extend his daily walks, or even take him for hiking or swimming.

I Have A Hyper Dog: Should I Risk And Bring A Kitten To My Home?

cute kitty meeting with big golden dog beside their owner

I dare say you should give it a chance. A hyper dog does not have to be mean towards cats. Even if he will be, this will probably not last long.

Just give enough space to both of your pets. Give them separate places for meals, urination, and sleep.

With time, they might even become good friends. But, you should not force them to spend too much time together at the beginning. Also, you should treat them equally.

Many dogs will be jealous of your new pet, so, if you reward your cat, you should do the same thing with your hyper dog.

Also, you should not leave these two animals without supervision, especially in their first weeks together. 

Having a hyper dog and a kitten under the same roof might be challenging, but it can also be fun – you just need to get these two animals used to living together, and make sure they don’t disturb each other’s safety and comfort.


I hope this article helped you understand how to introduce a hyper dog to a kitten. 

Even the most hyperactive dogs can live with cats, provided they are trained and obedient. The key for success in this is to properly and slowly introduce your canine companion to your new pet.

Dogs and cats actually can get along together, but you need to understand that they are two completely different animals. Dogs might chase after cats due to their natural instincts, and they might get jealous if they feel you are giving more attention to the kitten.

Another important thing is to give personal space to both dog and the kitten, and to treat these two animals equally.

I wish you the best of luck in the process of befriending your mischievous dog with a kitten!