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How To Get A Goldendoodle To Obey You

How To Get A Goldendoodle To Obey You

How to get a Goldendoodle to obey you? It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Goldendoodles are definitely the creme de la creme dogs of all Doodles. The popularity of this mixed breed dog is unbelievable, all thanks to their wonderful temperaments and hypoallergenic, non-shedding traits. 

With that being said, Goldendoodles make pretty fine pets… don’t they?

Well, it’s not all sunshine and daisies. Goldendoodles can be trouble to handle, believe it or not. Yes, these pawdorable pups can be quite stubborn and a menace when it comes to obeying their owner.

These Doodles are smart, but they’re not smarter than us! PupVine has found some pretty simple training tricks that will help you train your Goldendoodle in no time. Once you master their obedience training, you can definitely say Goldendoodles are the best Doodles in the world!

How To Get A Goldendoodle To Obey You

What you should realize at first is that Goldendoodles will take time to train, so arm yourself with confidence and patience. This is a process, not something that will succeed overnight. Goldendoodles take time to get used to being good boys and girls.

In only five simple steps, by following these well-known tips, your Goldendoodle will stop, drop, and roll following your commands within just a few days.

Positive Reinforcement

a woman gives a Goldendoodle a treat

Goldendoodles are sweet and friendly dogs. People normally don’t have any issues with their temperaments. They’re kind and caring, and never aggressive. Yes, they’re ideal family dogs, too. However, getting them through Goldendoodle puppy training is pretty rough.

Why is that so? 

Goldendoodles are not the brightest bulbs. They are smart, but they look foolish compared to a GSD’s intelligence. Sure, they will learn commands, but it will take time.

The issue with this crossbreed dog is that their attention span is not that brilliant. They’re too playful and lose their focus. If a bird runs by, they will follow it and break the eye contact you’ve established.

Oh, if only there was something to keep them focused… Well, there is! It’s called positive reinforcement, and it’s magic that all dog trainers use. 

Simply put – positive reinforcement is a method of training where you reward your dog for anything he does well. Your pup should receive praise or a reward no matter how meaningless the task was. This will give him the much-needed motivation.

Once a dog realizes he will get a treat from you, he will work even harder. But, don’t get them used to getting treats a lot. Verbal praises work almost as well as treats, not to mention belly rubs and hugs. 

Positive reinforcement should always be used when training a bit of a curious and stubborn pup like a Goldendoodle. It’s the right path to success.

You’re The Alpha

How many times have you heard that you’re the alpha dog of your pack? Dog experts like Cesar Milan have mentioned this phrase so many times that it has become a mantra. 

But, that’s really the truth. You are the alpha of your pack… not your dog. When you’re walking along with your dog, who’s in charge? If your dog is pulling on the leash, making you walk behind him, he’s clearly the alpha, and that must be stopped.

That’s not how an obedient dog behaves.

What you must do is walk proudly and be confident. Even if you’re not so confident that you can handle your dog, you should act it out. Your Goldendoodle will look at you and think: wow, my owner is tough. I wanna be like him!

Yes, that’s right… your Goldendoodle will want to be like you. Dogs really look a lot like their owner. Or, is it vice versa?

Anyway, act like you know what you’re doing and your dog will respect you.

Don’t Use Punishments

A goldendoodle is lying on the couch with its tongue out

Please, no matter what you do, don’t use punishments as a method. Not only will it not make your Goldendoodle obey you, but it will also create aggression with your dog. That’s the last thing you need.

Punishments like yelling or physical punishments are not welcome in any situation. Nothing good comes out of it. Also, your dog will never forgive you for hitting him.

If you punish your dog for jumping onto other people all the time, he will learn how to control and hide his urges. They won’t disappear. Even worse, all that hiding and suppression of his feelings will escalate eventually. 

When your Goldendoodle does something bad, you should ignore that behavior, and let your dog know it’s not welcome. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should let him attack people and say nothing. 

A dog that sees you’re not having any reactions to its behavior will realize that’s not what you want from him. Looking for a human’s approval is the first step to complete obedience. 

Early Socialization 

I can’t stress this enough: puppies need to be socialized… period.

Friendly dogs like Goldendoodles are a delight for socialization. But, even some of them can experience certain issues during the socialization process. 

Goldendoodles can be a bit fearful. This could be a problem when you try to introduce them to unknown sounds and unfamiliar situations, not to mention people and other dogs. This will stop proper socialization and leave your dog scared.

What you can do is encourage your dog, and let him know you’re there for him. I know it can be stressful for the both of you, but you should repeat going to the surroundings he’s not comfortable with.

Eventually, your dog will give in and allow you to show him there’s nothing wrong or scary with that new dog park, especially if you’re trying to get your Goldendoodle potty trained.

Don’t run late with your Goldendoodle’s socialization. It should start in early puppyhood before these little rascals become too curious and adventurous, and I might add… hot-headed.

Repetition Is The Key To Successful Training

the woman sits on the grass and the Goldendoodle stands on a leash

Obedience training is rather simple when you think about it. You pick a command, have your dog listen to you, and repeat it until your dog figures it out. 

However, most dog owners believe this can happen overnight. Unfortunately, it can’t. Obedience training takes time. Your Goldendoodle might have beginner’s luck and master commands like sit or stay in no time. But, what happens when you introduce more complicated tasks?

Chances are, your Goldendoodle will not listen to you. You must regain his focus and show him there’s a little reward if he pays attention. Bring him back to you as many times as it takes. Lessons should be short, but they should be repeated daily. 

Along with new commands, you should go through the old ones just to make sure your dog still remembers them. Goldendoodles with a short lifespan can only succeed with lots of repetition.

That’s why we say that proper training takes nerves, time, and devotion.

What Not To Do While Training A Goldendoodle

Goldendoodle runs with a ball in its mouth

Of course, we can exclude physical punishment and verbal abuse from dog training immediately. That won’t bring you any good. 

But, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Every good dog owner should ignore punishments.

What else should you avoid while training a Goldendoodle into obedience?

You should not encourage bad behavior. It clashes with your training lessons, and it will make it harder for a Goldendoodle to learn new things. Chewing, barking, or humping all interfere with proper training.

You must ignore such behavior and let your dog know that’s not acceptable.

Also, you must not skip daily lessons. Training for young puppies should be short and effective. Experts recommend 10 minutes or so every day. But, I say you watch your dog, and stop the training when you believe it’s enough or when your dog shows he’s getting bored. 

Having high expectations from your Goldendoodle is also not recommended. Give them some time. Have them chew the material and let it process. After all, they are living beings, and they’re allowed to make mistakes on their way to success.

To Sum Up…

Now that you know how to get a Goldendoodle to obey you, you won’t be scared of individual training at home. Well… you shouldn’t be scared because Goldendoodles will succeed eventually.

Don’t get discouraged if this process takes time. The important thing is to start while your puppy is still young. Older Doodles are pretty difficult to teach because they show great signs of stubbornness. 

Make sure you’re not late for the training, and keep your consistency. It’s not okay to train your dog like crazy today, then skip a lesson or two just because you believe he’s still tired. Dogs need daily stimulation and lessons.

How else are they supposed to learn?
I like to joke and say that the owner is the first one to be trained – then the dog. If you’re not consistent and devoted enough, the whole training process could go down the drain, and no one really wants that!

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