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Hooman Slams On Brakes After Witnessing Owner Dump Little Puppies Into Stream

Hooman Slams On Brakes After Witnessing Owner Dump Little Puppies Into Stream

If you have been an animal rescuer for some time, you have probably seen your fair share of gut-wrenching animal abuse.

Considering just how many rescues the incredible hoomans at the Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Northeast (SNARR) had after spending 13 years saving the animals of Brewster, New York, they thought they had seen it all.

However, after receiving a phone call describing the heartbreaking situation two adorable puppies endured, it was clear to them that surprises can still happen.  

Rescue Mission

The caller explained that they had just witnessed a man throw two adorable Labrador Retriever-mix puppies from a moving car and into a stream.

Even though one puppy did manage to crawl out, his brother was still trying his best to keep his head above the water.

“It’s heartbreaking to witness the evil that exists in this world; sometimes it’s too much to even think about,” wrote SNARR on their Instagram.

Luckily, the caller didn’t wait for the rescuers to arrive, but they quickly got in the water on their own and scooped them out to safety.

The SNARR team arrived at the location shortly, carefully placing them into their car and rushing them to their New York headquarters.

It came as no surprise that the puppies were in complete shock, unable to gather what had just happened. Their medical exam showed that their rescuer was truly their hero, as they saved these two babies just in time!

“These fragile souls are incredibly lucky to be alive. Thanks to a compassionate Good Samaritan who bravely rescued them from the stream, they now have a chance to survive,” SNARR wrote

Recovery Journey

Later named Tucker and Charlotte, the condition of these two puppies was quite serious. They not only had water in their lungs but road rash on their bodies and parasites in their bellies.

Luckily, they were in the excellent hands of medical professionals who made a foolproof treatment plan that would ensure that these two babies were back on their paws in no time.

And, of course, one of the essential parts of this plan included a lot of love, adoration, and affection!

“We have no idea what further challenges lie ahead, but we are determined to fight for their lives,” SNARR wrote.

It came as no surprise to anyone when they noticed that this plan worked like a charm. Tucker’s and Charlotte’s health showed incredible improvement during their stay at the SNARR.

They completely came out of their shells, showing everybody around that they were more than ready to continue their recovery at a warm foster home!

At The Fosters

A loving foster family gladly opened their home to the two pups, determined to teach them what it really means to be loved.

Now, these babies are spending their days in the best way possible – having fun playdates, incredible adventures, and cozy cuddle sessions.

“Their foster mom said they are absolutely the most adorable babies! They are playful and loving … and they get so excited when they get out of the kennel in the morning and see you for the first time!” SNARR’s Lauren F. told The Dodo.

Even though these babies are still startled by loud noises and big movements, everybody is sure that a loving forever home is just around the corner.

“They’re learning they’re in a safe place now,” Laura said.