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Hooman Who Never Rescued A Stray Dog Decided To Do Just That After Meeting A Terrified Lab

Hooman Who Never Rescued A Stray Dog Decided To Do Just That After Meeting A Terrified Lab

Every rescuer knows just how incredible of a feeling it is to provide a pup in need with a happy life.

In fact, the feeling is so good that many hoomans in the world have decided to dedicate their entire life to helping animals.

In this story, you get to witness how a woman by the name of Kaitlin got the chance to show a stray pup what it feels like to be loved.

Rescue Mission

Black dog with tongue out
Source: @thebashyboy

Kaitlin never had any idea what it was like to give a stray dog another chance.

So, when she saw one wandering outside in the cold, she knew that it was the perfect time to find out.

black dog with red leash
Source: @thebashyboy

Even though Kaitlin didn’t really know what she was doing, she decided that it would be best to start by offering the stray pup some treats. She believed that this would help build trust and allow the dog to relax.

However, when she realized that the pup was still hesitant, she decided to bring her pup, Gracie, with her.

“Gracie finally broke the ice, and I saw them meeting each other in the distance. We must be doing something right, so let’s keep trying,” Kaitlin told The Dodo.

two black dogs with bandanas
Source: @thebashyboy

Four weeks after meeting this stray Lab, Kaitlin still had to prove to him that she was only there to help.

She decided that the next step would be to hang out with him and Gracie on her porch every afternoon in order to see if he would approach her.

“After weeks of patient and consistent meetups, he let me pet him. I felt like all the effort I had put in those past few weeks was completely worth it,” said Kaitlin.

Finding out that he wasn’t microchipped, she decided to give him his own collar and take him in.

woman walking two dogs
Source: @thebashyboy

Dog In The House

Now, Kaitlin had a new mission.

Since this pup, now named Bash, spent his entire life outside, Kaitlin didn’t really know how he would react to being inside the house.

dogs cookie
Source: @thebashyboy

She decided to put him into Gracie’s crate, but she soon found out that the pup didn’t really understand what it was about.

“We offered him a custom crate that we built for Gracie. He climbed up the crate and escaped through the bars,” she added.

Bash also didn’t know what a toy was used for, so every time he wanted to play, he would use socks and shoes.

black dog laying on the floor
Source: @thebashyboy

Sometimes, Kaitlin doubted if Bash would even learn how to be a house dog, especially the time when she came home and saw that he had completely ruined the blinds.

Nevertheless, she decided that she wouldn’t give up on him… something that would prove to be the right idea.

Brand-New Pup

After a couple of weeks, Bash settled into his home and began to understand what it meant to be a house dog.

“I knew putting all that time and effort and patience into rescuing him was the best thing. Now, Bash is living his best life,” she said.

Dog and bread pillow
Source: @thebashyboy

Kaitlin went from having no idea how to rescue a stray dog to providing one with the life of every dog’s dream.

Seeing just how big of a transformation this pup underwent, the heart of this new rescuer was overjoyed.

“I would say to anyone out there who’s in the same situation that you just have to trust the process and never give up. Nobody prepares you to adopt a stray dog, but I can tell you that the reward was completely worth it,” Kaitlin concluded.