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Homeowner Was Surprised When He Discovered The Identity Of The Mysterious Animal In His Backyard

Homeowner Was Surprised When He Discovered The Identity Of The Mysterious Animal In His Backyard

As soon as a Good Samaritan noticed an unrecognizable animal constantly residing in and around their backyard, they got very concerned.

The animal appeared to be very thin, hairless, and in desperate need of help. And, that’s exactly what it got.

Rescue Mission

The homeowner immediately started thinking of ways to capture the mystery animal, getting it somewhere safe.  

However, this wasn’t an easy thing to do at all.

Even though it wasn’t in very good shape physically, the animal was still very clever, managing to escape every trap that the homeowner set up.

But, this did not discourage the determined hooman. After a couple failed tries, the rescuer finally managed to capture the animal.

After the mystery animal was finally caught, it was brought to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC).

After a thorough checkup, the Minnesota wildlife staff discovered that the hairless animal was actually a little fox.

The poor guy was dehydrated, emaciated, and suffering from a very severe case of mange, resulting in his loss of fur. Because of his poor physical condition, the staff knew that he would need some time to completely heal, but they did not give up on him.

“Before his trip to WRC, this young red fox experienced weeks of cold, hunger, discomfort and desperation due to the mites that were burrowing under his skin causing a severe case of mange. He arrived to our clinic almost completely furless, ribs showing and with a fractured tail that would require a small amputation from its tip,” wrote WRC on Facebook.

However, as the fox settled into the wildlife center, the staff quickly realized how he managed to escape from being captured for so long.

As Clever As A Fox

During his stay, this clever little guy managed to test the staff’s creativity.

Despite missing fur and fat, he had no lack of spunk. The client wanted to share the video of him evading capture because it demonstrates just how clever he is, a trait we saw right away in our care. He put our staff’s creativity to the test as we strived to keep him entertained and safe during his stay. His medical care and rehabilitation were funded by generous supporters who responded to our specific request for funds to help care for mange foxes. Thank you!

A month went by and being in such a loving environment, the fox regained his strength and was as healthy as ever, ready to go back to the wild where he belonged.

The fox was super excited to be returning home since, as soon as the staff opened the door to his crate, he leaped into the air and ran to the woods.  

However, he made sure to look back one more time and give a silent thank you to all the people who took care of him when he needed it the most.

This truly touched the hearts of the WRC staff members. As much as they know how impactful and important their job is, seeing something like this motivates them to continue doing what they do… never giving up on those sweet animals in need.