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Homeowner Saw A Strange Box Near The Road So He Went To Investigate And Was Surprised By The Discovery

Homeowner Saw A Strange Box Near The Road So He Went To Investigate And Was Surprised By The Discovery

It is not often that you find several large boxes at the edge of your yard, lying there out of nowhere. However, one fine day, a homeowner found just such a scene right next to his driveway.

Confused, he ran to see what it was all about, but he was left with even fewer clues than before.

In addition to the boxes, several bags were on the pile, with the words, “Chicken food” written on them. 

As he got closer to the boxes, he noticed that they were moving a little, realizing something alive was between those box walls.

When he stopped to look at what was inside, he was shocked.

It Was A Mystery For All

Inside three different sealed cardboard boxes, as many as 12 chickens were squirming and looking around in confusion.

The homeowner began to speculate as to what could have happened, but he was confused because neither scenario seemed right. 

Not wanting to do anything himself, he decided to immediately call for help. He contacted the RSPCA, and their animal rescue officer, Ollie Wilkes, rushed to the scene. When the officer came to that place, even he was quite taken aback.

“It was a really odd discovery as it doesn’t look like these birds were abandoned — I suspect they were being delivered to someone, but we don’t know for sure,” Ollie said in a press release, according to The Dodo

But, there was not much time for guessing as they had to act quickly and take the chickens to safety. 

The transport was successful and they were soon at the RSPCA Animal Center. 

They Were Safe Now

After the examination, all the chickens seemed to be healthy, and that was the most important thing in the whole story. 

However, the officer, and other people in the Animal Center, were still haunted by this mysterious event.

“It does look like a delivery that has gone wrong for whatever reason, but we couldn’t trace it back as there was no documentation in the boxes,” Wilkes said.

The officer even put up posters around the neighborhood in hopes that someone would come forward and shed light on this incident. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Wilkes said that security camera footage did show a van intentionally dropping the chickens off, but that was all they knew about this event. 

Despite this mysterious sequence of events, the story had its happy ending. The chickens were all doing well, and four had already been adopted. 

We do not doubt that other feathered beauties will find their forever homes because every animal deserves nothing less.