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Homeowner Found A Mysterious Visitor On His Patio Only To Learn His True Identity

Homeowner Found A Mysterious Visitor On His Patio Only To Learn His True Identity

It’s not that often that you see a wild animal casually lying on your patio furniture.

Even though you might know a little more about it, it’s hard not to be shocked. And, it’s even worse if you don’t know anything about its true nature and how it might react.

That’s exactly what happened one morning when an Animal Control Officer received a call from an upset homeowner who found an unexpected guest enjoying himself comfortably on his patio furniture.

An Unexpected Guest Dozing Peacefully On The Patio

When the owner looked out the window of his house in San Francisco, he was surprised to see an animal that looked like a dog on his patio furniture.

This unexpected guest reclined on the couch where the sun was hitting directly. He simply could not resist the warmth and comfort of that place.

However, when the homeowner gathered the courage to approach him, he did not achieve the desired result.

“The animal was reluctant to move when the resident approached,” Animal Care & Control Officer, Mullen, wrote in a post.

That’s why he immediately decided to seek help. When the officer from Animal Care & Control San Francisco came to the place immediately after the call, she saw that it was not a neighbor’s dog. Instead, a wild coyote was lying relaxed on the couch. 

She found the coyote to be just fine. Apparently, he was just really sleepy. 

“I approached the coyote and started talking to him, telling him that it was time to get up,” Mullen wrote. “He looked at me, got up, took a big stretch, and made his way to the edge of the yard.”

Without any problems, he jumped over the fence and headed into the wooded area behind the house to find a more suitable place to rest.

Contrary to stereotypes, this wild coyote seemed so tame and good that he didn’t even need to be told twice what to do.

It was a bit surprising for the homeowner, who didn’t really know anything more about this noble animal.

Misunderstood Creatures Indeed

According to Mullen, this coyote was a young, healthy male that was probably recently kicked out of his den and was trying to make his way through the city. 

Actually, it is common for coyotes to appear around this time of year… fall and early winter. This is the time when young ones are separated from their parents and looking for a new home. 

Contrary to popular opinion, they are not usually a threat to people unless they are protecting themselves or their pups, of which the coyote from today’s story is proof.

In addition, they help control rodent populations, so they are actually quite important animals in the ecosystem. 

Unfortunately, many people, even those in San Francisco, where about 100 coyotes live, do not know much about this beautiful animal. So, it is often the target of unjustified attacks.

That’s why it’s a good idea for people to educate themselves and learn how to live with coyotes, and not immediately judge them at the start.

We also hope that this cute story about a good-natured coyote will increase the awareness of all those who do not know what kind of creatures these animals are.

If nothing else, the coyotes will be able to take a good rest on patio furniture from now on… 🙂