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Homeowner Shocked To Discover A Strange Visitor In Her Ceiling

Homeowner Shocked To Discover A Strange Visitor In Her Ceiling

While a homeowner was in her bedroom, she suddenly heard strange sounds that attracted her attention. She started closely listening to the odd noise, trying to figure out where it was coming from. Little did she know that she was about to make a shocking discovery.

Soon, she realized that the chittering sounds were coming from the ceiling. After she heard cries and stomping footsteps, she was convinced that she wasn’t alone in her home.

Sweet Tiny Surprises

The woman called Gates’ Wildlife Control, a humane wildlife control company, asking for their help.

As soon as the wildlife control staff arrived at the scene, they started their investigation in the attic. The first thing they noticed was that something scratched and chewed on the shingles and wood. 

After they cut a hole in a wall, they discovered four baby raccoons. In order to keep warm, the little siblings were hugging each other. Their eyes were still closed.

The staff was a bit surprised to find baby raccoons at this time of the year. It was February 7th of 2023. Mother raccoons usually give birth in March, April, and May.

“However, it is not uncommon to discover baby raccoons this early in the year. Last year, our first babies were found on January 20th, which was the earliest in our 38-year history,” Gates’ Wildlife Control wrote on Facebook.

After the wildlife control staff gently placed the sweet, tiny babies in a specialized bag, they brought them outside.

They put the baby raccoons in a heated reunion box and the littles ones felt comfortable and warm. 

Reunion With Their Mom

The Gates’ staff explained on Facebook that mother raccoons prepare multiple den sites before giving birth. 

They were certain that the mom of these babies would reunite with her children and take them to one of the alternate sites. She was still in the attic.

The next day, the Gates’ staff came to check on the babies and was happy to see that the box was empty.

“As expected, all four babies had been successfully collected and relocated by their mother,” a representative from Gates’ Wildlife Control told The Dodo.

For the raccoon babies, it’s essential to spend the first several months with their mom, so that she can feed them and protect them. She also teaches them the necessary skills they need to know in order to survive in the wild.

We feel happy that the lovely babies continued thriving with their mom, who took them to the wild where they could enjoy their childhood.