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Homeowner Shocked To Find A Dog In Need On Her Doorstep, Begging For Help

Homeowner Shocked To Find A Dog In Need On Her Doorstep, Begging For Help

Recently, it has not been surprising to find a neglected dog in a desperate state, abandoned by its heartless owner. But, it is not every day that you run into such a dog on your doorstep. 

However, that is exactly what happened to Rena Perkens Schlueter, a resident of Orange, California, when she saw a strange furry creature in front of her house. At first, she wasn’t even sure what it was, which was the best proof of the alarming condition of this dog. 

Yet, when she finally realized it was a poor canine in a desperate state, she was in shock, and her heart broke. 

Sad Reality Of Neglect

dog lying on a doorstep
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Rena was able to realize that it was a dog in front of her door only because of the enormous mats of dirty fur. It was such a sad sight that she immediately tried to approach him in order to help him.

Unfortunately, this dog was so frightened that he instantly got up and ran in an unknown direction. The woman couldn’t see where he ran off, so after a short search, she continued on her way. Still, she secretly hoped to see him again and save him from his misery. 

That was exactly what happened when she came back in front of her house in Orange, California. The dog was in the same condition as before and almost in the same place. 

However, one thing has changed in the meantime – this time, he did not run away from her but finally showed a true desire to be helped.

Amazing Transformation That Went Viral

dog in bad condition
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Although the dog was clearly showing interest in his rescuer, he was still very timid and would bark at her every time she would come too close to him. That is why this woman decided to call the professionals for help. 

“I tried to approach him, but I know he was very scared and probably in pain,” Rena said, accordion to Rocky Kanaka. “I really didn’t know what to do, and Animal Control was the only option. I called them and uploaded a picture and they deemed it an emergency. They had someone out within probably 20 minutes.”

This was the best decision she could have made because it is always better to let the professionals deal with a dog that exhibits aggressive behavior. 

During that time, Rena did what she could to help this dog. Wanting to make other people aware of what was happening to this poor pup, she posted his photo in a Facebook group of Orange residents. It would soon turn out that it was a great move as his story went viral. 

In the meantime, the dog was transferred to OC Animal Care. Because he was still in distress, these people decided it was best to sedate him before his grooming session and medical evaluation. 

dog after a haircut
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Despite all the difficulties, everything ended well, and this dog experienced an amazing transformation very quickly. His savior, Rena, had the most credit for that, but we shouldn’t forget all the good people who helped him along the way.

However, the best was yet to come for this dog. 

Happy Ending Sooner Than Expected

After he was taken care of by the good people from the animal shelter, it was discovered that this dog was only 12 pounds and about 10 years old. Despite his age, he did not have any major health issues. Aside from that, he looked amazing after he had been groomed. 

nice looking dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

That is why he was soon ready for adoption. Considering his age and history, the experienced employees of the shelter thought he would keep them company for a long time. 

To their surprise, but also delight, he didn’t have to wait for a forever home for more than one day. You all probably wonder how this miracle happened. Remember when we wrote that posting a dog’s picture in a Facebook group would turn out to be a great move? 

Well, that was exactly what happened because Deanna Briggs, one of the group’s members, fell in love with this dog and decided to adopt him after she saw his picture and read his story. 

woman lying next to a dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

In just a few days, the poor matted dog transformed into a beautiful pup who had never been happier because of the immense love from the right person. 

Thanks to the good people who were determined to save his soul, this story had its ultimate happy ending.