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Homeowner Buys A New House, Only To Discover A Shocking Surprise On The Floor

Homeowner Buys A New House, Only To Discover A Shocking Surprise On The Floor

Human cruelty can sometimes know no bounds. How anyone can abandon a dog and leave them to starve on their own is beyond me.

To make things even worse, some people will do it in the most awful way imaginable without even giving them a chance to survive.

For this dog, things were going horrible. His favorite person had passed away and the homeowner decided to sell the house and leave him there.

If not for the fact that somebody had bought the house and saw him lying in there, who knows when he would have been found.

He Was So Malnourished

photo of starving dog
Source: The Moho

After the man who bought the house went inside and saw this poor pup just lying on the floor helplessly begging for help, he immediately made a call to a rescue organization.

When the rescuers finally came, they were shocked by the mere fact that this dog, named Benny, was left all by himself there.

He was so emaciated that he would drink the water from a flood. It’s just so heartbreaking to think how much he suffered.

Benny was too weak to even move, so his rescuers carefully placed him in a kennel. He was now on his way to a clinic.

dog wearing a cone
Source: The Moho

His rescuers tried cheering him up a little bit, but he couldn’t react. He kept crying from all the pain he was enduring.

After arriving at the clinic, Benny was immediately examined, and the vets determined that he was too weak to eat regular food.

So, they put him on fluids until he regained at least some of his strength. Even after a few days, things were still not looking up.

He had spent way too much time on his own, and the effects were clearly visible on his fragile body.

However, his vets would not give up until he completely recovered, so they pushed on with his treatment.

Very Tragic News For Benny

dog lying in a kennel
Source: The Moho

After a few more days, Benny was slowly changing. His health was improving, and he became a lot happier.

This recovery meant that he was now able to sit on his own, at least. And, his veterinarians started feeding him raw food.

To show just how much they support him, they brought this dog some nice toys, and he loved them.

However, just as the vets thought things were looking up, Benny’s blood test results came back and showed that he had rabies.

He started getting weaker by the day, and the vets felt horrible that this was happening. They tried their best to help him get better, but ultimately, it just wasn’t meant to be.

dog in a basket with a sign
Source: The Moho

Benny crossed the rainbow bridge a few days later, and everyone was completely devastated. 

Despite this tragedy, his rescuers made sure that his last days were spent with people who truly cared for him. They did their best to make him feel comfortable and loved in their presence.

If this tragedy can teach us something, it’s that events like this can and need to be avoided. All it took to save Benny was for the owner to take him to a shelter or call for help. 

There are many more dogs in similar situations, and we have to remember to do our part whenever we can in order to make the world a better place for all animals.