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Homeless Dog Who Waited Months To Be Rescued Finally Got Lucky 

Homeless Dog Who Waited Months To Be Rescued Finally Got Lucky 

Meet French Fry!

He is an adorable little dude who wandered the streets of Los Angeles for months. 

Being homeless for most of his life, he often strolled around the industrial area of Los Angeles, visiting the warehouses during their business hours and begging employees for food. 

After they closed, French Fry would go to a local park where he would spend the night… all alone and unloved. 

This routine continued for months before one employee finally decided to ask for help. 

French Fry Got Lucky 

Jeff Trail took care of this little homeless guy for almost two months because he kept appearing at his workplace day after day. 

With temperatures over 100 °F, though, Jeff knew that action was needed, so he decided to call Hope For Paws California

He managed to catch the dog and keep him next to a fan, so he wouldn’t overheat until the help arrived. 

As soon as the staff at Hope For Paws learned about French Fry, they went to the warehouse to rescue him. 

French Fry was a shaggy little guy who had obviously never lived in a home, but he wasn’t scared of people. 

To help them with the rescue mission, Katie McKittrick and Hope For Paws rescue members always bring a cheeseburger with them. 

This time, a cheeseburger wasn’t even needed because French Fry was so happy to finally be rescued. They easily put a leash on him, picked him up, and carried him to the carrier. 

“For his new beginning, French Fry will grow a brand-new healthy coat,” said Hope For Paws as the rescuers proceeded to shave his shaggy coat. 

He was matted and full of fleas and ticks, so a good shave was desperately needed. 

The Transformation Was So Cute 

After a bath and receiving some medical treatment at a veterinary hospital, French Fry already looked like a completely different dog. 

He was finally ready to go to a foster home. 

Fortunately, L A Animal Rescue was able to find him the perfect foster home, and they worked hard to make sure he found the perfect forever home as well. 

“French Fry aka Duncan is ready for adoption! He’s approximately 2.5yo (under 3 for sure), just over 20lbs, great with other dogs, seems fine with dog savvy cats, great on leash and he’s a professional couch potato. Doing great with house training and loves car rides. We’re guessing he’s Maltipoo,” they wrote in their Facebook post.  

According to LAAS, French Fry was adopted and is thriving in his new home. His life will never be the same.  

To adopt more dogs like French Fry, please visit L A Animal Rescue and make sure to support the work of Hope For Paws, so more dogs could be rescued off the streets. 

Here is the video of French Fry’s rescue mission: