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The Sweetest Homeless Dog Ever Lives Outside For 7 Years, Waiting For Her Lucky Day

The Sweetest Homeless Dog Ever Lives Outside For 7 Years, Waiting For Her Lucky Day

“You don’t need much to be happy and content with your life,” is what Inna would say – if she could speak!

“You just need someone to accompany you on your journey” – she’d probably add!

This incredibly sweet doggo has lived her whole life in a field, with no roof above her head. Yet, when the good people of Howl Of A Dog met her – she was the gentlest, happiest dog around.

Together with her best furry buddy, Zelda, Inna managed to survive seven long years living outside, until, one day, everything changed!

Inna Spent Years Fighting The Odds

dog in nature
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Living in a field near a sheep farm, Inna managed to survive, even though the odds were stacked against her.

The man who rescued her and her very best friend, Zelda, built them a small shelter nearby. But, he was never able to take them in.

“Inna and her friend Zelda have been living their whole life on a field, near a sheep farm. The man who initially rescued them had no possibility to take them home so he built there on the field a small shelter for them and he has been taking care of them for almost 7 years,” Howl Of A Dog wrote on their website.

During the first couple of years, things were pretty much stable. Inna and Zelda lived in their improvised “house”, waiting for their hero hooman to bring them food. But, as the place became residential a few years later, everything changed.

People started complaining about the dogs, which was a signal to get help from the rescuers who knew exactly what should be done. And, that’s when the Howl Of A Dog team stepped up.

happy dog standing on two legs
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When they heard her story, they spared no time and rushed to the spot. And, they were immediately left in pawsitive shock!

Instead of being wary of strangers, considering her history, Inna turned into the sweetest lovebug. During their very first encounter, she raised her paws in the air, signaling the good hoomans who came to save her that “it’s’ cuddling o’clock”!

“When I approached her for the first time, she lay on her side and raised her paw asking for belly rubs. That’s her favorite thing in the whole world,” the rescuers wrote.

happy dog found by human
Source: Howl Of A Dog

She was absolutely delighted with the idea of someone being nice to her, and she reciprocated a thousand times more!

Within just minutes, Inna went from a homeless, stray dog to a hauntingly sweet cuddle bug who couldn’t get enough belly rubs from her saviors.

The Pawfect Moment Has Finally Arrived

dog living outside
Source: Howl Of A Dog

After she was successfully saved from life in the field, Inna got the best surprise ever.

Seven long years of roaming the wilderness resulted in her finding a beautiful home with an amazing family. Her kind and friendly personality was at last rewarded with a forever home, and Inna couldn’t be happier!

“She is the sweetest dog possible, friendly with everyone, gentle and calm, very good with all dogs,” the rescuers stated.

dog outside
Source: Howl Of A Dog

She finally gets to live the life she always dreamed of. Far away from the uncertainty and her old life, Inna now has a family to share her golden years with.

The good news is that her field buddy, Zelda, wasn’t left behind either. This smiling beauty found her very own family where she’s now having the time of her life.

Once homeless canines with no plan for the future, Inna and Zelda now have everything they could ever wish for.