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This German Shepherd Protecting His Home From ‘Mysterious Intruder’ Will Make You Laugh

This German Shepherd Protecting His Home From ‘Mysterious Intruder’ Will Make You Laugh

Our dogs are always incredibly protective of us and will do absolutely anything to make sure we are okay.

Their loyalty is one of their most admirable qualities, and it’s why they have been our best friends for thousands of years.

However, every once in a while, our pups might get a bit too protective and start defending us against things that are not even a threat.

This German Shepherd found a very unusual opponent outside of her home in Massachusetts and decided that he would not threaten her family.

A Small Intruder

dog standing in front of house
Source: TikTok

When this German Shepherd noticed a small bee on her door, she wasn’t going to just sit back and do nothing.

She looked at her for a while and realized that she was circling around the porch for a while. It annoyed the dog.

It was at that moment when she realized it was her duty to protect the family from all ‘threats’ no matter how small.

She burst outside and started attacking it. Unfortunately, the bee managed to avoid all of her attacks.

dog standing on the porch
Source: TikTok

After the pup realized there was no way she would catch the bee, she stopped and relaxed. The very next second, the intruder had flown away.

This whole event was caught on a doorbell camera, and the owner was proud of her dog for standing up for them.

In fact, she decided to post the entire clip of the fight on TikTok where it obviously got a lot of attention from different people.

Funny Internet Reactions

german shepherd in the kitchen
Source: TikTok

As expected, many people found the video funny. It received over 1 million views, almost 80,000 likes, and many comments.

One person commented: “No bc what’s the obsession/connection between German shepherds and dang bumble bees.”

Now that I think about it, my German shepherd also had this weird obsession with them and I would also like to know why.

Another person said: “So no one’s gonna talk about how it looks like the dog opened the door himself.”

She is clearly a very smart dog who is already used to bursting outside to defend her home from intruders.

dog with scarf on the floor
Source: TikTok

Lastly, somebody wrote: “We never have flies of any kind, spicy or original, because of our GSD. She is just so good at catching them.”

Well, it’s good to see that at least somebody’s dog is effective at getting rid of these small intruders. Mine would always chase them unsuccessfully for a long time.

In the end, the video got a lot of positive attention and it is really wonderful to see how so many people found it relatable because of their dogs. These are the simple things that connect all of us.