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Hiker Stumbled Upon A Mud Ball In The Woods And Was Surprised To Learn What It Is

Hiker Stumbled Upon A Mud Ball In The Woods And Was Surprised To Learn What It Is

For many, going on a hike means having a relaxing time in nature while either hanging out with your friends or going by yourself.

Even though you may bump into a couple of animals here or there who are enjoying nature themselves, it is highly unlikely that you would bump into something as incredible as one hiker did.

Incredible Encounter 

While hiking on one of the foothills of the Olympic Mountains in western Washington, a man by the name of Jonathan Evison saw something that caught his eye and curiosity.

Hiding all alone at the base of a tree, completely covered in mud, was an unusual ball of black fuzz.

Letting his curiosity lead him, the hiker approached the little ball. As he got closer, the realization of what it was put him in a state of shock.

The little fur ball was actually a bear cub!

Since Jonathan, a New York Times bestselling author, lives in this area of Washington and hikes there daily, he has come across his fair share of bears, but never before did he see a little cub.

But, knowing that he shouldn’t intervene since his mother was most likely nearby, Jonathan decided to carry on with the hopes that the two would be reconnected soon.

Familiar Face

The very next morning, Jonathan carried on with his daily routine and hiked the same trail. When he passed the spot where he met with the cub, he was no longer there. Assuming that the cub had been reunited with his mom, Jonathan was very happy.

However, after continuing his hike, he was met with some strange noises.

The same bear from yesterday was crying out for help, trapped underneath a fallen tree limb just a couple of feet from the trail. This time, Jonathan knew he had to do something.

“I knew I had to help the little fella,” Jonathan told The Dodo.

Jonathan carefully removed the branch, freeing the little cub. The cub, happy to be freed and even happier to see a familiar face, decided to follow his hero home.

“Once I freed him, he basically attached himself to me, so I walked a mile back to the cabin with the cub either right on my heels or clinging to my ankle,” he said.

Knowing that he couldn’t simply adopt a bear, Jonathan called in some reinforcements.

Help Is On The Way

After contacting the West Sound Wildlife Shelter, he was told to bring the cub into their care, so that they could provide it with the care it deserves.

little bear in human hands
Source: Facebook

As soon as the cub arrived, the staff immediately gave it some food and water as well as a thorough checkup in order to determine if it had any injuries.

After its medical exams showed that it was in perfect health, the cub was transferred to PAWS Animal Welfare Society.

cute little bear in hands
Source: Facebook

Since PAWS had already taken another orphaned cub into their care, they knew that the two would feel so much safer as they had each other to rely on while figuring out how to live in their new environment.

The cubs will be spending some time at the PAWS facility until a team of experts determines what would be in their best interest.

Whatever their decision may be, I am sure that it will allow the two to live the happy and healthy life they deserve.