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Hiker Heartbroken To Find 3 Big Dogs Abandoned On A Mountain By Their Owner

Hiker Heartbroken To Find 3 Big Dogs Abandoned On A Mountain By Their Owner

It’s really a horrible thing when a dog loses his faith in humans because of mistreatment from one person. 

They can not understand that we are not all alike, but they are always ready to give us a second chance if we show them that we are worth it.

In this story, we will talk about three big dogs who were abandoned on a mountain by their owner before they met their new rescuer.

Lost On A Mountain

guy in a forest
Source: The Dodo

It was a very ordinary day when Veronica and her dog went hiking on a mountain in California and then noticed something strange there.

They noticed a very dark animal moving up a cliff nearby. She was confused about what it was, so she got closer to see.

She told The Dodo: “He went up the side of a cliff. I kind of ventured into the trees and I realized it was three dogs.

Veronica immediately noticed how malnourished they were. She could see their ribs and vertebrae. Who knows when they had their last meal? It could’ve been days.

three black dogs
Source: The Dodo

They needed help fast, and she was going to be there for them. She wanted to get them in her car, but they were just too afraid of her.

She realized that it was probably a better idea to try some other time, so she left them some food to eat and went home.

Veronica tried calling Animal Control, but they couldn’t help because the terrain was not “safe,” so that was a problem.

dog stealing a food
Source: The Dodo

This meant that she would have to somehow rescue them herself. Veronica said: “Now I have this huge responsibility for three lives and I don’t know what to do.

She would sit in the forest, place a plate of food nearby, and wait for them to get close. They were always too hesitant but still wanted food.

Veronica’s dad, who was also there helping, named them Grace, Steve, and George. The duo would keep coming day after day to see if they could gain their trust.

A Very Successful Rescue

black dogs and guy laying on the ground
Source: The Dodo

After about three weeks of trying, they got brave enough to eat out of their hands. Veronica was so happy about this.

However, they could not keep this going for much longer. They needed a better plan, so they gathered a lot of people willing to help, and they built a big kennel.

Food was placed inside so that all three dogs could go in and eat. When they did, the door closed and they were successful.

And, surprisingly, they managed to do it fast and on their first attempt. The dogs were now finally safe. 

Veronica said: “It went so smoothly. Once we got them, I basically just cried all the way down the mountain.

blonde woman and black dog
Source: The Dodo

It was thanks to Veronica, her dad, and a group of wonderful rescuers that Grace, Steve, and George are now heading to a better future.

Now that they were finally safe in a shelter in California, their rescuers were there for them every step of the way to make sure that they were doing well on their rehabilitation journey.

They are learning how to enjoy simple things in life again like walking, exploring, and playing, and it’s just amazing to see. 

It’s a bit unclear what happens next with the dogs, but I am sure that their rescuers have done everything in their power to help them find a forever home with the most wonderful people.