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Hero Service Dog Acts Just In Time To Save His Owner’s Life After Noticing Something Wrong

Hero Service Dog Acts Just In Time To Save His Owner’s Life After Noticing Something Wrong

When least expected, a dog can save the day.

And, in this case, Echo can save a whole life!

This amazing Australian Shepherd service dog has always been a true little helper to his hooman. Underneath his hauntingly beautiful exterior and just the sweetest charm lies a well-trained dog that helps his mom, Jaime Simpson, deal with her condition.

But, one day, Echo went a step further and left everyone in awe with his life-saving act!

Echo, The True Hero

Jaime and Echo don’t know life without each other. After she lost her first service dog, this fluffy Aussie walked into her life and stole her heart forever.

Jaime, who lives with epilepsy, found it extremely difficult to keep her condition under control until Echo arrived. Then, everything changed!

Not only does Echo predict and detect when his momma is about to have an episode, but he actually does everything to help her get through it. He provides comfort whenever possible, and makes sure Jaime is safe at all times.

In February 2024, Simpson posted a heartwarming video on her Instagram account, showing the true brilliance of her dog.

She was just about to have a big seizure when Echo sprung into action. Even though it was too late for the preventive meds that he brought, the dog didn’t stop alerting his momma that the seizure was happening.

“Echo barked to alert that a big seizure was happening. He laid on my body to prevent dislocations,” Jaime wrote under the video.

He sat calmly through the entire episode on her momma’s body, making sure that she was unharmed. 

“During seizures, I have no idea what’s happening. Echo is the reason for my safety and independence when I’m alone or in public,” she added.

Helping His Momma Everywhere

For Jaime, having Echo around at all times is a true blessing. He helped his mom in more ways than she could possibly know, but most importantly, he always did it with such a kind and compassionate approach.

Thanks to Echo’s incredible training and skills, the two managed to travel and go places a lot. They always stay by each other’s side. And, when times are tough, Echo is always there to support his momma.

Echo is a natural worker who absolutely loves his job. Besides being a service dog, this Aussie can’t get enough of various high-intensity activities, such as agility, sporting trials, and other events that his family brings him to.

“HE LOVES TO WORK. I mean so much so that he will literally refuse to eat if he lacks a brain challenge. He’s very good at his job but he needs MORE. This is why we do sporting trials and events with him,” Jaime wrote on Instagram.

He also received training in therapy work with kids who are struggling, and with reactive dogs, too. This way, Echo can also help other hoomans and animals handle stressful situations better. 

Currently, he lives with his mom and his doggo sibling, the Golden Retriever, Everest, who learns from Echo so much.

“Echo likes teaching Everest how to perceive the world with a Service Dog brain and how to decompress. They are always together,” their mom wrote.

Jaime couldn’t be more proud of her companion. Even though her recent seizure was aggressive, the fact that he stayed with her regardless was just priceless.

And, knowing that Echo will keep on beating the odds with her momma gives his mom a sense of security that can’t compare to anything!