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Hero Police Dog Saves Missing 85-Year-Old Woman Trapped In A Grassy Ravine

Hero Police Dog Saves Missing 85-Year-Old Woman Trapped In A Grassy Ravine

When times are tough, K9s are there to save the day!

They’re not exactly under the spotlight, but their mission is definitely worth attention! 

These well-trained, brilliant dogs regularly put their lives on the line to save, locate, detect, or protect, making a simple “Thank you” feel insufficient to express our gratitude.

One such amazing story comes from Greenwood Village, Colorado.

After local police received a report about a senior woman missing for two hours, K-9 Mercury and his handler were sent out to find her. And, that’s when Mercury displayed his true genius. 

Mercury Saves The Day

The City of Greenwood Village Government’s story took the internet by storm after they shared footage from Officer Speer’s body camera. In the video, this smart K9 can be seen heading through bushes and then searching in the field.

Finally, this three-year-old boi spotted the missing woman in a grassy ravine. She helplessly clung to one of the trees after being unable to climb up. 

“K-9 Mercury, who is trained in searching and tracking missing persons, tracked and found the missing woman clinging to a tree down a steep ravine where she could not be seen from the roadway or canal,” CGVG wrote in a Facebook statement.

The officer reassured the woman that the dog was friendly and that he just helped him find her.

“That’s good,” she responded to this amazing duo.

The woman was safely returned home to her family, and Mercury’s heroic act was met with a heartwarming reception from everyone in the organization (and beyond). 

“The resident has been returned safely to her family thanks to the hard work of Officer Speer and Mercury, with additional support from Corporal Brandon Runyan and Officer Roberto Moya,” City of Greenwood Village Government reported.

After his story was posted on Facebook, the woman’s son, Pete Holman, expressed his deepest gratitude to this kind duo in the comment section. 

“I had been searching for her for two hours and Mercury and officer Speer found her in 10 minutes: UNBELIEVABLE! It was like watching a Navy Seal extraction: I am so grateful to live in City of Greenwood Village Government,” Holman wrote in the comments.

What could have been a real tragedy ended up being a true story of kindness and heroism – all thanks to Mercury!

Loved By Everyone

Saving other people’s lives and making headlines isn’t the only quality Mercury has!

No, sir! 

Aside from rocking in the department of detection of illegal narcotics and locating missing persons, this incredible K9 always finds some time to make his local community happy!

Together with his handler, Mercury visits elementary schools and reads to a class. Okay, he doesn’t exactly read, but he makes sure to at least take some awesome photos and let the kids pat him on the back.

Mercury loves kids, and he definitely loves being around people!

Despite the intensity and seriousness that is his work, he has never stopped being the cutest lovebug. It is safe to say that Mercury really loves his community and will always do his best to serve it!

We love you, good boi!