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Hero Officer Rescues A Drowning Animal From The Lake At The Very Last Minute

Hero Officer Rescues A Drowning Animal From The Lake At The Very Last Minute

The Pennsylvania Game Commission officers are always up to the task when some helpless animal is in danger.

It was the same this time when Sergeant Ritter received a report about a small creature stuck in the water near Children’s Lake in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. 

As soon as he arrived at the scene, he began to investigate and eventually managed to locate a poor animal near the edge of the lake.

Her wings were submerged in the water, so she was pretty much helpless. The officer immediately took a picture of it and sent it to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center

The staff told him to bring the bird right to the center. 

Quick And Successful Rehab

When the officer brought the bird to the premises of the center, they soon realized that it was a Great burned owl. According to the staff, she could have been flying at high speed, chasing prey, and had a collision with the cement wall before she ended up in the water. 

Upon her arrival at the center, the owl was exhausted, wet, smelly, and had injuries to both wings. Considering the temperature, heat, and humidity, it wasn’t a surprise that flies and maggots were also found on her wounds. 

Regardless of all the challenges, the people from the center immediately got down to work, treating the owl’s injuries, giving her fluids, and allowing her plenty of time to rest. 

However, no matter how much they helped her, this feisty owl showed no interest in her rescuers, but immediately made it clear where she belonged.

Realizing that her place was in the wild after all, the center staff quickly moved her to an outdoor flight enclosure. There, this owl blossomed and spread her wings wide again. They couldn’t believe how quickly she started to recover after that.

“Once she started eating on her own again, and [her] wings [were] healing, it was like the fast track for her,” wildlife rehabilitator, Tracie Young, told The Dodo.

Faster than expected, everything was ready for the most beautiful moment in the life of every bird.

Destined For Freedom

Exactly one month after the officer saved her from drowning, the rehabilitated owl was taken out to an area nearby with ample open fields and trees. 

As soon as she felt the scent of freedom that emanated from every corner of nature she was surrounded by, she spread her wings right away and didn’t look behind. 

“The owl wasted no time in taking flight and immediately disappeared into the thick tree line,” Raven Ridge Wildlife Center wrote enthusiastically in their Facebook post

Young was particularly enchanted by this sight.
“Each animal and each release, especially with the birds of prey and the owls and stuff, it’s a sigh of relief when you see them taking off,” Young said. “They got a second chance. They’re free again.”