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Woman’s Yard Was Flooded With Furry Babies Last Year, And This Year There Are Even More Of Them

Woman’s Yard Was Flooded With Furry Babies Last Year, And This Year There Are Even More Of Them

Leanne Purdy Van Bergen has a large yard that she often doesn’t know what to use for. However, a year earlier, in the springtime, nature solved that problem for her by “sending” her an adorable animal family.

The mother and her cubs occupied the greenery in front of her house for several days and filled her every day with happiness and joy. When they suddenly left one day, a void remained in this woman’s heart.

However, no one was happier than her when they reappeared this year and in greater numbers.

Friends And Their Babies

foxes in the yard
Source: @leannev68

When the mother fox and her babies left the yard a year earlier, Van Bergen was devastated but she somehow felt that they might return. Soon, someone confirmed it to her.

“Someone told me they tend to return the following year, so I was always watching for them. I was so excited when they returned. With double the fun!” Van Bergen told The Dodo. “I counted 10 [babies] at one time, but who knows?”

Yes, not only did last year’s mother fox come to her yard again, but she brought a friend with her, as well as her five little fox pups. Van Bergen’s yard was again full of life, just like her heart was filled with joy. 

This woman enjoyed every moment as she watched these amazing animals live their lives in her garden. Yet, what delighted her the most was how moms shared family duties among themselves

“[Pups] have been nursing from each of the adults,” Van Bergen said.

mother fox with her babies
Source: @leannev68

It was a truly amazing sight, but it did not stop there. 

Enjoying Their Time

Nursing and teaching children the skills they need to survive is the crucial part of parenting and these mama foxes did that job flawlessly.

Yet, playtime and entertainment are also important for their development, and these mothers proved to be excellent in this field as well. They were bringing toys to play with, and that especially delighted Van Bergen. 

“So many toys,” she said. “Stuffed bears, stuffed rabbits, dolls, balls, and work gloves. So funny!”

Van Bergen’s yard was truly a paradise for these little animals. They were healthy and playful, and they missed nothing. This woman was proud that she had the honor of witnessing these amazing moments.

“I love having them here,” she said. “I wish they would stay forever, but I know they need to move on and learn to hunt for themselves.”

However, there should be no doubt that some cute fox story will be written around this time next year.

We are certainly looking forward to it.