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Rescuers Find A Helpless Dog Stuck In A Well And Immediately Rush Into Action

Rescuers Find A Helpless Dog Stuck In A Well And Immediately Rush Into Action

For anyone who has ever owned a dog, it’s pretty obvious that they are very curious and just love exploring all the new environments.

It’s so adorable to see, but at the same time, it’s important to be careful because it can land them in trouble.

For the stray dog we will be talking about in this story, he fell into a well and got stuck until someone amazing came to help him.

Sweet Dog Looking At His Rescuers

scared puppy
Source: Youtube

When a group of rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis was notified about a dog who was stuck in a well, they decided to head out to his location and help.

They arrived at the location and noticed that the well and everything around it was surrounded by snow, so it’s no surprise that the dog accidentally fell inside.

Luckily, he wasn’t hurt when he fell in, so there would be no trouble in his recovery.

woman with dog in the wood on snow
Source: Youtube

One of the rescuers decided to descend down into the well with a rope, so she could place it on the dog and help him out.

She took things slowly, and decided to help this sweet dog ease up a bit first before they proceeded, as he seemed a bit scared.

A Very Successful Rescue Mission

dog laying in the car on stuffs
Source: Youtube

After a while, they placed the rope around him and carefully pulled him out of the well. He was finally out of the woods.

His rescuers placed him in the car and decided to take him back to the St. Louis shelter where they could give him a checkup and make sure he is fine.

While he still seemed a bit timid to be around people, he was happy to finally be somewhere safe.

In the shelter, he received all the necessary treatment, so his rescuers decided to spend some time with him to help him relax.

woman taking care of dog
Source: Youtube

Because he fell in the well, they decided to name him Wellington, which was kind of hilarious in a way.

Now that he was finally safe, his rescuers placed him on an adoption list and went to look for a new family for him.

We don’t actually know what happened next, but it’s very likely that he was adopted by someone amazing who will love and treat him kindly.