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Heartbroken Doggo Who Loyally Waited For Her Owner For 4 Years Was Finally Noticed By A Kind Hooman

Heartbroken Doggo Who Loyally Waited For Her Owner For 4 Years Was Finally Noticed By A Kind Hooman

We live in a time where empathy is increasingly losing its value. People show this every day with their inhumane actions, and many stories about abandoned, neglected, and abused animals are the best proof of this.

One of them is the story of a forgotten dog whose owner, whom she trusted the most, heartlessly dumped her in front of a store. The owners of the store couldn’t afford to take her home, so she desperately waited for four years for her favorite human to come back for her. 

However, just when she started to lose hope that she would ever experience happy moments in a warm home again, a good soul appeared and changed her life forever. 

So Much Suffering

dog on the street
Source: The Moho

When the kind-hearted woman came across this poor abandoned canine, her heart was broken because of her unfortunate fate. She didn’t wait a minute but immediately decided to help her. 

After she brought her home, this woman realized that the dog was in horrible condition. Her skin was so keratinized that her blood vessels couldn’t be seen at all. She also had an awful odor, which was no wonder, considering how much time she spent without care.

The woman rushed her to the vet so that she could start to recover as soon as possible. When this poor dog came to the clinic, she sobbed in pain. On top of everything, the doctors also found wounds on her body. This was a sign that other people also treated her badly

vet examining the dog
Source: The Moho

Her savior was so heartbroken because of this that she couldn’t stop crying. However, the vets cheered her up a bit when they told her that everything would be fine and that she would make it. 

The vets gave her the necessary medications and injections, as well as a proper bath after such a long time. They told her rescuer that she could go home but that she had to rest and take prescribed medication for a long time until she fully recovered.

dog with a cone chewing an orange toy
Source: The Moho

Her foster mom took her recovery seriously and provided her with everything she needed, from medicine and food to a warm bed. However, what helped this dog the most was unconditional human love and a sense of security after four long years of loneliness and despair.

Better days were coming for this sweet little pup. 

Finally Happy

dog with a cone
Source: The Moho

After a long and difficult recovery, this dog finally began to show her true colors. Her health condition was stable, and her skin, which was originally like a desert, began to grow hair as white as rice. This is exactly what inspired her foster mom to name her Rice.

Once an abandoned, sick, and sad dog, Rice was finally shining in her full glory. Apart from the fact that she completely recovered in terms of health and became a real little beauty, the wounds on her soul also healed

That was enough for a big smile to appear on her face, which she hadn’t taken off since that moment. Her positive energy attracted everyone, from people to other canines, and everybody loved her so much. 

dog laughing on a grass
Source: The Moho

Rice lived her happiest moments with the person who saved her from the darkness and was her support when it was the hardest. She and her savior were a balm to each other’s souls.

Nevertheless, the moment of parting was approaching, and it was inevitable. One family fell in love with Rice and her life story so much that they decided to adopt her.

When her savior hugged Rice for the last time, her eyes were full of tears. However, she knew that this was the only way Rice could meet her happiest ending, so it was easier for her to accept it. 

She knew that Rice would forever live in her heart as she would in hers. And, if Rice ever feels lonely again, this dog will know where to find love and solace because the door of her savior’s heart will always be open for her.