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Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Leave His Sister’s Dead Body

Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Leave His Sister’s Dead Body

A sibling’s love is a different kind of love. It knows no boundaries. It knows no gender, age, breed! 

Even dogs know how it’s like to love each other. Even dogs share love between siblings. 

What one Catahoula mix pup did to his sister broke the Internet. Who knew sibling’s love was THIS strong?

After a highway accident where his sister probably passed away, a dog proved that nothing separates us from our loved ones. Not even death. 

The pup stayed, defending his sister from stray dogs, waiting patiently as she crossed the rainbow bridge. 

When the animal control unit in Kingsville, Texas received a call about a scene by the road, they didn’t expect to see such a tear-jerking moment. What they saw touched everyone deeply. 

There was a dog sitting next to a dead body, with his paw on her body, protecting her even though she was dead. The Kingsville Kleberg Health Department Animal Control & Care Center stated they had trouble getting the dog to leave the deceased body. 

As if he couldn’t believe she was really gone! 

sad dog with dogs dead body
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The story went viral on Facebook, where one of the staff members wrote: “Our ACOs had a hard time convincing him everything was going to be alright and they were there to help him.” 

The team also claims that this was one of the most heartbreaking scenes they had ever witnessed. 

man calling a dog by the dogs dead body
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The poor pup sitting next to a dead body was a pup. Weighing 27 pounds and being around 6 to 12 months old, this pup looked more like an adult dog. 

Once the puppy was finally separated from the deceased dogs, the officers were able to get a closer look. He was healthy, strong, and other than the mental trauma, in a good condition. They knew he would bounce back fast.

man pulling dead dogs body off the road
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They say good deeds always come back. But, dogs don’t know that. They’re just being dogs… kind and supporting, no matter what. 

What Guardian did to his sister is definitely considered a good deed. And yes, it did come back! 

Guardian was adopted into a loving, furever family!  

As for his poor sibling, it’s unclear how she died. Considering the place where the rescue team found her, she was most likely hit by a car. At least she had Guardian next to her, comforting her and easing her final moments.

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Thursday 16th of March 2023

[…] Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Leave His Sister’s Dead Body […]

Billy Hendershot

Tuesday 7th of March 2023

This is such a sad sad tear jerking story