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Dog’s Heart Shatters At Being Left Behind As Her Best Friend Finds Forever Home

Dog’s Heart Shatters At Being Left Behind As Her Best Friend Finds Forever Home

December is a magical time of the year, and Bonnie, here, would definitely agree if she could somehow turn her barks into speech! 

For this pawdorable street girl, the end of 2023 had some turbulent moments. She was found roaming the streets of Oklahoma City, together with her best bud in the world, Clyde. 

The two simply didn’t know life without each other. They literally spent every single minute together. Bonnie and Clyde remained loyal to each other even at the shelter until, sadly, they had to part ways for good.

The Best Buds In The World

There’s something truly beautiful about the way street dogs take care of each other. When Bonnie and Clyde were rescued by the good people of Stillwater Animal Welfare, from Oklahoma, they refused to part ways.

According to the team, rescue dogs typically separate at the shelter as they become more independent and comfortable in new circumstances, but that just wasn’t the case with these two.

They dazzled everyone with pure loyalty and love for each other, and the team was so happy to have them as a pair.

The history of Bonnie and Clyde is as vague as it could be. The dogs were picked up from the streets, where they were found in a not-so-great condition. Both of these dogs suffered from heartworms, and they required extensive medical care.

The good news was – this bonded pair responded to treatments amazingly, and within just a few days, they started coming out of their shell.

Bonnie and Clyde soon became shelter lovebugs. They showered everyone with tons of love, thanking the team with endless kisses for a new chance at life.

Bonnie did amazingly the first month at the facility. This is what her team wrote on Facebook about her:

“Bonnie came to us as a stray with her brother and was never claimed…She is about 45 pounds. Bonnie is heartworm positive. She is good with other dogs so far and loves food.”

However, just when she had completely opened up and started enjoying the new environment with her sibling, Clyde got adopted. He went to an amazing home and a loving family, leaving his sister heartbroken.

Once he was gone from the shelter, Bonnie completely shut down. She lied in her kennel with absolutely no interest in anything, hoping her brother would come back.

“Bonnie is all alone since her brother got adopted, and she definitely misses having a sibling to cuddle with,” SAW wrote on Facebook.

Happily Ever After 

Bonnie had a hard time adapting to a life without Clyde. She missed her sibling so much, and she had no idea how to move on. But then, the magic of December kicked in!

Right around the corner, an amazing woman named Brayden Routh arrived at the shelter, wanting to meet Bonnie and provide her with an amazing home.

The two formed a bond right off the bat. It was evident that Bonnie was really excited to meet her new momma. In a way, it was as if she was waiting for Brayden this entire time to take her home. And, off they went!

cute dog laying next to Christmas tree
Source: Brayden Routh

Bonnie finally got a wonderful family and a cozy home where she could exhibit her personality to the fullest. She even got a big sister – a Blue Heeler named Tally. 

In just a few days, Bonnie’s life completely changed for the better. She blossomed into a brand-new girl who is finally ready to take on new adventures. And, Tally was there to assist her!

five dogs and Xmas decorated house
Source: Brayden Routh

The first few days were quite active for this street girl. She met a lot of new friends, and immediately became the family sweetheart. Her true spirit was on display after so long, which made her momma really happy.

“She’s in great hands! Tuckered out from a big day of making new friends,” her new mom wrote in a comment on Facebook.

Once a heartbroken girl who had a hard time moving on with her life, today, Bonnie  couldn’t be happier!