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Heartbroken Breeding Dog Left In The Streets Is Now The Happiest Girl With Her New Mom

Heartbroken Breeding Dog Left In The Streets Is Now The Happiest Girl With Her New Mom

Marge never wanted to live life on the streets, yet the life of a wanderer was all she knew.

She didn’t have the chance to live the life of a family dog, nor did she have the opportunity to learn what a true hooman-dog bond looks like.

Instead, her days were filled with uncertainty and sorrow. She had to fight her way to survival day after day, and week after week… until, finally, someone noticed her!

A Mom Without Her Puppies, Struggling On The Street

An officer spotted Marge roaming the streets of Waukegan, Illinois, and immediately rushed to help her. This poor dog looked like she recently had a litter, but her puppies were nowhere near to be found.

“She was picked up by an officer. He said that he had seen her just wandering the streets and she was full of milk, but there were no puppies around,” Jeni told GeoBeats Animals.

According to her rescuers, Marge was evidently a breeding dog in the past. She either escaped her breeder or was released by them when she was found on the streets.

She was taken to a shelter by animal control, where Marge got to spend a few months. Sadly, this wasn’t the best experience of her life, as she became extremely depressed and shut down.

But, to her luck, the good people of Players for Pits, in Elmhurst, Illinois, were just around the corner!

This incredible rescue decided to take in Marge and place her into an amazing foster home. She was with her foster mom for six months until Jeni stumbled upon her story online!

They Saved Each Other

This Chicago woman had been struggling with the loss of a partner when she saw the picture of Marge online. The very idea of being alone was quite overwhelming for her, and she decided to give this sweet dog a chance in a heartbeat.

It turned out it was the best decision ever! 

Not only did Marge become her companion, but the two formed an incredible bond together.

She became a brand-new dog around her new momma. Marge’s personality allowed Jeni to have a flexible schedule, as this lovebug was able to adapt to whatever circumstances.

And, the best thing of all – she loved experiencing new things every day!

Together with her momma, Marge got to have exciting walkies, travel, and meet lots of new friends outside. 

In such a short period of time, she exhibited her true colors and showed Jeni that she was just full of personality.

Aside from many quirky things she does, she just loves to do her little “Marge rolls” in the grass!

And, she definitely has something to “say” at all times! Whether she thinks her mom spends too much time in bed or she goes in the direction Marge doesn’t like during walkies – she’ll show her attitude loud and clear!

What can I say – Marge is definitely in charge!

Still, at the end of the day, this sweet girl is so happy to have the opportunity to be next to her new momma. And, Jeni couldn’t be more grateful for choosing her!

“Anybody who has gone through the loss of a loved one or the grief process kind of knows that it can come in waves and there are a lot of times that you don’t know when it’s gonna hit you, so for her to be the purpose for me to keep going, I owe her a lot for that,” says Jeni.

The two complete each other in the most wonderful way. They laugh, cuddle, take cozy naps, and do everything together, trying to make the most out of every new day.

After all the hardship Marge had gone through, it is safe to say that she finally found the pawfect place to be.