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The Havanese dog breed has long been admired and sought-after due to its intelligence, expressive eyes, tiny stature, easy-going temperament, and lovable personality – all of which make it the ideal family dog for both first-time Havanese parents and experienced canine enthusiasts alike.

two cute Havanese

Male Vs. Female Havanese: Which One Is The Best Pet For You?

Here's a detailed guide that features the main differences between the male and female Havanese.

cute purebred havanese puppy dog

Are Havanese Hypoallergenic? Havanese Shedding And Grooming

Dog allergies are devastating for pet owners. Read more to find out if this dog breed is safe for you!

chocolate havanese

All About The Chocolate Havanese – Are They Healthy? Color And Pattern Possibilities

Are chocolate Havanese dogs a result of dilution that can cause health issues, or are they just regular pups in an exotic color?

chocolate sable colored havanese dog is lying in the grass

How Much Does A Havanese Cost: The Complete Expenses Guide

Every future dog owner must be ready to face the expenses since they can build up on a pile.

Black havenese dog standing outdoors

Havanese Lifespan: How Long Will You Have This Adorable Sidekick?

These dogs live long, but there are factors that may shorten as well as extend their lifespan.

havanese dog standing in meadowmeadow

Havanese Haircuts: A Guide To 7 Interesting Haircut Styles

How do you choose between different Havanese haircuts? Here are some interesting hairstyles for your little cutie!

grown havanese dog

Havanese Growth Chart: How Big Can This Aristocrat Dog Get?

Are you wondering how large the Havanese dog can grow? There's only one way to find out!


25 Havanese Colors That Will Blow Your Mind

Check out our in-depth guide about this wonderful dog breed coat colors and markings!

Parti Belton Havanese

The 30 Cutest Havanese Mixes In Existence – Gotta Pet ‘Em All

Here's a list of the cutest Havanese mixes that you probably haven't heard of!

cute havanese dog running in nature

15 Best Dog Food For Havanese: Finest Brands For Your Hav

Finding the best dog food for Havanese dogs will be much easier after you read our list of 15 best puppy, adult, and senior dog foods.

cute havanese puppy standing in grass

13 Best Brush For Havanese: Tools That Will Make You A Groomer

Finding a perfect brush is a struggle for all Hav owners. Not anymore! It's all easier with our list of best brushes for Havs.