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This Poor Hairless Dog Was Tied To A Fence In Horrible Weather Until Someone Came To His Aid

This Poor Hairless Dog Was Tied To A Fence In Horrible Weather Until Someone Came To His Aid

Princess’s shocking story serves as a reminder that no dog in this world should be left homeless, ever.

This Florida girl was cruelly tied to a random fence in temperatures near freezing, and abandoned by her owners there. She was so cold that she couldn’t even stand on the ground. 

Scared and cold, she somehow climbed onto the fence in an attempt to find shelter. Luckily, what she found instead was so much more!

A Shocking Sight

Nichole Combee, from Polk City, Florida, was shocked to receive a message that said a dog was literally on her fence. She immediately rushed to the spot and found Princess all alone and terrified.

Apparently, the dog climbed onto the fence because the ground was just too cold and uncomfortable to stand on. Her name was Princess. Nichole knew her name right away because it was written on her collar, right next to a note that said: “Take care of me!”

“Princess was found tied to my fence Monday morning on one of the coldest nights we have had in Florida thus far,” Nichole wrote in a Facebook post.

Nichole couldn’t believe that someone would do such a cruel thing to an animal. Princess was so sweet and loving right off the bat, and she just couldn’t understand why someone would abandon her.

“I think it’s awful. I don’t know how you can do that to any animal, especially something so forgiving and so loving,” Nichole told FOX 13 Tampa Bay.

She reported this act to the Polk City Sheriff’s Office. Not long after she was rescued, officers showed up at her house, requesting to keep Princess for evaluation pending an investigation. 

Nichole was promised to have Princess back in four days, as she immediately decided to keep her for good. She couldn’t stand the idea of parting ways with this loving girl, so instead of letting her go, she welcomed her into her family.

Princess had a lot of health problems when she was initially found. She had a 104 temperature, no fur at all, was worm positive, and had mange, and on top of all that, she had a bladder issue. But, Nichole was inclined to help.

She took care of Princess around the clock for months. She was treated at the vet for a long period of time, and she received lots of medications, but eventually, she started feeling better.

Princess Thriving In A New Home

Princess was diagnosed with chronic bladder infections that require meds for the rest of her life, but with Nichole and her family around – she feels better than ever in her life.

Her fur started growing back, and Princess finally came out of her shell. Despite her behavioral issues from the past that she still copes with, she got full support from the family members, including her doggo siblings, Chapo, and Aly.

“Princess has come a long way and the pictures show it. She’s a sweet girl with a lot of love to give,” her mom wrote on Facebook.

It is safe to say that Princess finally learned how to be a dog again. 

After the severe trauma she had been through, Princess needed a lot of love and patience to get back on her paws. And now, she is finally there! After all this time, she felt safe again in a new home

Sadly, the family lost their loving dog, Aly, who crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2022, at the age of four, after a kidney failure. Nichole and the family were devastated, and Princess and Chapo really missed their sister.

“Chapo and Princess are fine. Thankful that they have each other,” Nichole wrote on Facebook.

The whole family needed some time to get over their big loss, but Princess and Chapo helped them move on. 

It was a turbulent start in life for this loving doggo girl, yet she never gave up. She taught her owners a lot about resilience, and in return, she ended up surrounded with a wonderful family who now loves her unconditionally!