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Haircut Reveals The True Beauty Of A Severely Matted Stray Dog Found On The Streets

Haircut Reveals The True Beauty Of A Severely Matted Stray Dog Found On The Streets

Dogs are just the happiest and cutest animals in the world. Simply seeing them smile is enough to make anyone’s day.

And, usually, the most adorable thing about our furry friends are their eyes when they want something from us.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who had a major haircut that made her prettier and revealed to everyone what beautiful eyes she has.

Meet Karma

Before she was submitted to the Harris County Animal Shelter, in Texas, Karma was a sad and lost stray dog who was struggling to survive from day to day.

Her hair was so matted she looked more like a wig than a dog. When Friends of Faye stepped in, they gave her a bath and a much-needed haircut.

Andi Leone, who decided to foster Karma, told The Dodo: I assume she literally was never groomed, ever. She was so matted, we weren’t sure what condition her eyes would be in once shaved. She still has some skin sensitivity from it.

After her grooming, she slowly started to relax around people and realized that she is no longer living on the streets of Texas.

Her appearance had totally transformed her from a clump of matted hair into a beautiful dog.

Leone continues by saying: She’s a fun, feisty little girl. She loves to play fetch and cuddle up in her kennel for quiet time. She absolutely loves children and… she has a great, playful attitude.

A New Look To Match The Personality

Ever since her new transformation, Karma has been looking happier, and she became a very playful dog.

Leone said: She’s a great, easy girl who gets along with everyone. But she’s still very much a puppy.

Anytime she sees her and her big beautiful eyes, it’s hard for Leone to say no to Karma.

She continued to live with her foster mom for the time being, and the two of them are taking advantage of every moment they have together.

Leone said: She gets along with the other 11 dogs in our home, and she absolutely adores our 8-year-old. Her favorite things are kids, treats and squeaky toys. She has been such a delight.

While Karma’s fate remains unclear, what is certain is that Leone will do anything to make her time with her as meaningful as possible, and the two of them have likely been on many amazing adventures.