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Hero Guide Dog Leads His Blind Owner Home After Taxi Drops Them Off At The Wrong House

Hero Guide Dog Leads His Blind Owner Home After Taxi Drops Them Off At The Wrong House

Dogs are human’s best friends, and they never stop proving it! 

They’re not just exclusively great companions, but they also turn out to be outstanding helpers whenever we need them. To the best of their ability, a dog is likely to help his beloved hooman weather any storm, and Dodger, here, is exhibit A.

When his blind owner, Rolland Croteau, got stranded after a taxi driver dropped him off in the wrong location, Dodger, his service dog, stepped up!

Taxi Mishap

Croteau, a senior blind man, took a trip to the Army and Navy Air Force with his service dog, Dodger. After a long day out, around 10 P.M., he called a cab for a ride home. Then, the unexpected happened!

The first taxi driver refused to take him home because he had a dog by his side. According to Rolland, the driver told him he was allergic to dogs, and taking Dodger was no option.

“I heard the taxi came and he refused to take me and Dodger in the cab. He said he was allergic to dogs,” Croteau told Global News.

guy walking a black dog on a leash
Source: Global News

Then, another shock came! When the second cab driver arrived, he and Dodger sat for the ride home only to discover that he had dropped them off at the wrong house

Once Rolland realized that he was standing in an unfamiliar place, in front of someone else’s home, he walked back to the road, but the driver was already gone.

“The driver couldn’t find my house, he drove around back and forth finally he drove down one street and he dropped me off at a house and it was the wrong house,” says Croteau.

Good Boi, Dodger

guide dog and blind man
Source: Global News

It was late in the night and Rolland had no other choice but to walk all the way home. And, that’s when his guide dog, Dodger, showed his true brilliance!

Croteau put the harness back on his dog and told him to “find a way home.” Even though he was quite scared as it was already 11 P.M. and raining, he put all of his trust in his furry companion. 

To his luck, Dodger, the good boi, led his owner for three blocks, and after some time, brought them both home safely. 

The man couldn’t have been more thankful to his furriend, especially after realizing a lot could have happened in the area he was not familiar with.

Dodger proved his loyalty and the fact that he’s just an exquisite seeing-eye dog. In Croteau’s words, his owner truly and completely trusts him!

“No matter where I go, I trust him,” he said.

The taxi company issued a statement, saying that they are aware of the whole situation and will use this unfortunate misunderstanding to retrain their staff. As an apology, they even offered Croteau free rides and sent a gift to his amazing dog.

What truly matters is that both Rolland and his dog arrived home uninjured. Thanks to his special boi, this elderly man will always feel safe! And, Dodger will definitely keep on being the goodest boi!