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GSD That Was Too Scared To Even Move Around Humans Heals His Traumas

GSD That Was Too Scared To Even Move Around Humans Heals His Traumas

Sadly, not every dog has the privilege to embark on a beautiful journey from a loving home. Many of our furry friends live in inhumane conditions, fighting for crumbles on a daily basis and just trying to stay alive.

The Dude, a four-year-old German Shepherd from Los Angeles, California, was just like that when Isela first found him. He was all alone in this world, hiding on the side of one of the buildings, too afraid to move, and way too weak to be a happy doggo!

The Dude needed love and someone to take care of him, and he needed it now…

The Dude Was Too Scared To Move With People Around Him

Isela, being a responsible animal lover, called Deity Animal Rescue, from Beverly Hills, California, and notified them about a dog lying in her neighborhood. Lindsay and Ellen, the volunteers from the rescue, responded immediately. 

They got in the car and drove to the spot, seeing The Dude lying helplessly in his own improvised shelter on the side of a building. It was pouring and downright cold, and Linsday and Ellen knew right off the bat that this poor dog needed help.

He wasn’t displaying any signs of fear aggression, but it was evident that The Dude was terrified of people! He wasn’t moving at all until Ellen extended him a kind hand. 

“When we found him, he just laid there looking at us. Motionless. With the help of McDonalds, he let us get closer and closer. He has the most gentle and kind eyes. But, very sad. It was obvious by the lack of fur on his backside and many calluses that he’d had it rough for a long time,” wrote DAR.

She gave him some food, little by little – after which, she decided to step a little closer. After a while of sitting and talking to him, The Dude seemed a little bit more relaxed, and he even let them put a lead on him. 

When he finally got up on his paws, the two took him to their car and drove him back to the facility for further checkup.

Love Was All He Needed

Turns out love was all The Dude needed this whole time. He was all alone for quite a long period of time and didn’t know what a gentle touch of a hooman felt like. But, when he finally felt a nice, warm petting on his head, he let himself go.

In a way, he knew that Ellen and Lindsay didn’t want to harm him in any way, which is why he let them provide care for him.

The sad news is that this doggo had a whole set of diseases that he needed to be treated for.

Various Health Issues

Unfortunately, The Dude was diagnosed with kennel cough, skin infection, double ear infection, dental problems, and on top of all that, he was suffering from hypothyroidism.

He had a long way until he fully recovered, but the DAR team was inclined to help him.

Little by little, he was receiving his therapy, and he was doing better every step of the way. In no time, The Dude became everyone’s favorite in the rescue, as he was so gentle and sweet, and all he ever wanted to do was hug people!

No one knows what this German boy had to go through, but his journey sure wasn’t a picnic! The DAR team wrote a beautiful message to The Dude on their Instagram:

“Time for love, saying goodbye to a homeless past, and hello to a beautiful future. It’s such a pleasure getting to know this majestic boy… he greets everyone who walks into Deity calmly and respectfully. He’s so fun to spoil, and is alllll about the Hug.”

Is There A Pawfect Family For This Handsome Boi?

After all this time, The Dude is finally ready to meet his furever family! He’s a decent boi, very intelligent and eager to please his hoomans, which is why adapting into a new home is not going to be a problem!

We really hope he finds what he truly deserves – a loving home and people with whom he’ll make only the best of memories!