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GSD Attempts To Befriend A Cat, With Surprising Results

GSD Attempts To Befriend A Cat, With Surprising Results

The age-old rivalry between cats and dogs is something we often see in the media, but our lovely pets have learned to make peace and not war more often than not.

You’ll find more and more places where the two don’t mind one another’s company and are often friends.

That said, the German Shepherd Angus, from the video by Tiktokker angusyounggsd may need a few more lessons on how to break the ice and properly approach his potential new cat friend.

A Sad Boye Just Wants To Be Pals

Angus is initially sulking while the two cats look at him in confusion. The GSD feels a bit dejected and looks to his owner for assistance.

He wants to make an attempt, but dissuades himself out of it, at least for the first few tries.

german shepherd is lying on the bed
Source: tiktok

However, he finally musters up the courage to approach once one of the two cats is gone and goes for a rather forward method.

It’s a complete 180° turn from his earlier behavior as he nestles up right next to the cat who is absolutely perplexed by all this.

a german shepherd looks after a cat lying on the bed
Source: tiktok

It gets even more surprising when the German Shepherd is already making himself right at home.

He’s scratching himself while the kitty looks on in absolute terror from the motion of his powerful leg.

the cat looks around
Source: tiktok

My dude, that’s not cool!

A Matter Of (Over)Stimulation

The confusion on his face speaks volumes, but the fact that the cat hasn’t attacked him yet shows that he at least tolerates him.

That said, It’s clear that dogs and cats tend to not mesh for the same reason extroverts and introverts don’t. One’s just too energetic for the other.

Though, I’m sure Angus here didn’t mean anything bad by it and that he’ll do a better job at making friends in the future.