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For This Grumpy Dog, Yelling At Everyone She Meets Is Her Own Idea Of Fun

For This Grumpy Dog, Yelling At Everyone She Meets Is Her Own Idea Of Fun

We all have that one grumpy neighbor who always has something to complain about, am I right?

Well, in this case, that grumpy neighbor is – Linda!

This North Carolina dog is probably the sweetest little yeller that you’re gonna see today. Linda’s grumpy attitude is simply how she rolls, and her very own idea of having fun is always yelling at absolutely everyone!

She’s Always Got Something To Say

woman holding a dog in her lap
Source: @lindainhr

Okay, it isn’t that she hates people or other dogs. Linda’s yelling is just her way to convey her feelings and tell everyone that she, in fact, is in charge!

She loves being the center of attention and has the perfect way to always make that happen – by yelling!

Sometimes, her grumpy attitude is triggered by simple things, like her mom not being fast enough to open the front door for her or to give her a well-deserved snack.

“She’s always got something to say,” Sara told Cuddle Buddies.

Whenever the two visit a dog park, she puts on her grumpy face and yells at other dogs (while playing with them)! 

Just picture it – Linda, being the tiniest dog in the group (she has the most Pekingese and Shih Tzu DNA in Her). She bosses everyone around and everyone listens to what she has to say! Hilarious!

Even though her grumpy attitude is all about fun and laughter now, the reason why she started to behave like this is quite sad.

dog lying down
Source: @lindainhr

Before she even met Sara, this little girl had a pelvis injury. While she was at the rescue, she coped with severe pain and was on bed rest for a long period of time. During the first couple of weeks in her new home, she growled whenever Sara wanted to pet her. 

“If you would go to touch her, she would scream. It was like she was afraid that when you touched her, it was gonna hurt. I was so afraid that if I said something firmly to her that it would scare her,” says Sara.

Eventually, she came around and decided that her new owner was, indeed, trustworthy!

And now, she lives the best life ever! 

Morning Linda Is A Completely Different Dog

dog in a stroller
Source: @lindainhr

What you didn’t know about Linda is that she’s definitely a morning dog!

For some reason, Linda prefers the first part of the day, and that’s when her gentle side surfaces! This one-floppy-eared girl is a completely different canine in the morning and has the sweetest smile.

She loves to snuggle in bed with her mom before the two take on new adventures. 

And, when Linda eventually comes out of the house, she rolls in the grass with such joy and happiness! 

But, that doesn’t last forever! It takes just a butterfly or seeing another dog on the street to get Linda’s grumpy attitude on! And it begins!

three dogs next to a jumping bar
Source: @lindainhr

Okay, I’ll be honest with you.

Linda’s grumpiness has nothing to do with who she really is, and she, in fact, is the biggest lovebug ever! She absolutely loves her mom, and she has many friends that she hangs out with on a daily basis!

Linda, being the loudest yeller in the group, is just one side of her personality. But, underneath her cute, annoyed face is a senior girl with the biggest heart that has room for everyone!

You can follow her and Sara on their official Instagram and keep up with Linda’s pawesome adventures!