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Grooming Session Was Life-Saving For These Rescued Golden Doodle Puppies

Grooming Session Was Life-Saving For These Rescued Golden Doodle Puppies

Various rescue organizations work around the clock to save as many animal lives as possible. At the same time, it is not unusual to come across a litter of abandoned puppies that are in terrible condition. 

This time, one rescue organization found two litters of puppies in the woods near Sarasota. Matted Goldendoodle puppies were one of them. 

They were in such a desperate state that they had to call in professional groomers for help. 

Fortunately, they immediately responded and gladly accepted the challenge of grooming these cute little ones.

Groomers Became Heroes

many overgrown dog in a car
Source: Love4Paws

Love4Paws, a rescue group from Sarasota, Florida, found 5 matted Goldendoodle puppies. They were in such bad condition that they would not have survived if they had found them only a day later.

Although their quick reaction was life-saving, they were very much in need of some TLC before an adoption event. 

However, considering how matted they were, it seemed that grooming was essential to them at that moment.

The people from Love4Paws didn’t wait long before getting in touch with Diane’s Pawfections, a pet grooming salon, whose employees decided to volunteer in this case. 

“They’re here! We can’t wait to make them feel, look & smell Great!!!” the groomer salon wrote on their official Facebook profile

They had no easy task ahead of them, considering that the Goldendoodles were filthy—matted, and covered in feces, dirt, and bugs. They also had animal bite marks on their skin. 

Nevertheless, the employees of the salon, who even came there from a day off, did an excellent job.

The transformation was so incredible that they literally could not recognize them after the treatment.

They Were Ready For New Lives

five happy dogs
Source: Love4Paws

It wasn’t just about problems related to cosmetic requirements, clippers getting stuck, difficulty combing, and the like, but also about the emotional state in which these dogs came to the salon.

These puppies, believed to be around 6 months old, were very frightened and had major trust issues. And, what’s worse—they didn’t know how to behave like real dogs at all.

“They didn’t know what a leash was, what treats were,” the video of the user @lanadogworld says. “They didn’t really understand any type of human affection.”

However, Samantha, Allana, and Makenzie proved themselves not only as excellent groomers, but also as people who know how to handle dogs.

“After we got them cleaned up, you can tell they felt so much better,” says the video. “The personality started to shine and they started to act like true puppies.”

They were playing, even acknowledging their salon dog, Filet Mignon, who wanted to play with them, even though she wasn’t allowed. 

“It was so emotional to see them transform from these scared puppies cowering in the corner to being so full of life, so happy, and so at peace,” they said in the video. 

They were finally ready for their new lives. Although it was so hard to say goodbye to these cuties, they were very happy and proud of them and we’re wishing them the happiest furever homes. 

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Grooming Is Very Important For These Dogs

This story is a prime example of how grooming can be very important for dogs, especially Goldendoodle pups.

Although they do not have a tendency to shed, Goldendoodle dogs can have a big problem with matting, which you could see in this short story.

Goldendoodles are often described as high-maintenance canines as they require quite a lot of work around their fluffy, dense coat.

That’s why it is always good to maintain their coat regularly because if you don’t, it can put them in a very uncomfortable situation, and in some cases, even life-threatening.

It is best to take them to a professional groomer regularly. If you don’t want to do that, there is a Goldendoodle grooming guide that will help you do this task successfully at home.

Although this task may seem irrelevant to some, this story shows how it can sometimes be life-saving.