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Instead Of The Bride, Groom Saw The Sweetest Surprise That Made The Wedding Day Extra Special

Instead Of The Bride, Groom Saw The Sweetest Surprise That Made The Wedding Day Extra Special

A dog is man’s best friend, and having him as a companion in life is one of the greatest blessings.

Madeline and Quinn, a young couple in love from Atlanta, Georgia, know this very well, whose little furry friend, Pennie, makes their every day more beautiful. 

At the same time, Penny herself enjoys their love and attention, which is truly immeasurable. However, in recent days, Penny has fallen out of the spotlight a bit because Quinn decided to kneel before Madeline.

The biggest and happiest moment in their lives was before them.

The Special Day

As it usually happens when the most special day in the life of a young couple in love approaches, all focus and energy is directed toward it. 

It was the same with Madeline and Quinn, who tried their best to make everything perfect that day. The photo of them shining in each other’s arms the night before shows this best.

bride and groom
Source: mad.meineke

Yet, Penny seems to have become neglected in all this wedding hype. It was certainly not easy for a dog who was used to love and attention to suddenly be forgotten like that, regardless of the happiness of her pawrents. 

However, it soon turns out that it was just an illusion and that Pennie was actually prepared to make that day even more beautiful. 

Even More Special Moment

Finally, the day came – Madeline and Quinn’s wedding day. As the “first look” ceremony dictates, Quinn appeared outside the cathedral in Atlanta, Georgia, waiting to see the bride in her wedding dress for the first time.

However, he could not even dream of what kind of special surprise was waiting for him. Instead of Madeline, cute Pennie in an even cuter dress jumped into his arms when he turned around. 


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♬ slipping through my fingers – zappo™

“He turned around and thought it was going to be the bride, but it was even better,” Madeline later wrote.

Quinn was very surprised, but he was not disappointed at all. On the contrary, it made his day. 

Soon after, Madeline appeared in a beautiful dress and completed this special moment. Everything was as it should be, and their wedding photo would certainly not be complete without their furry companion

bride and the groom posing with dog
Source: @mad.meineke

Although it seemed that Pennie was unjustifiably neglected, everything revolved around this dog, and even this day would not have been extra special without her. 

We are sure that it will be the same in all the coming days of their life together.