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A Grieving Dog Mom Receives Signs From Her Beloved Dog From Across The Rainbow Bridge

A Grieving Dog Mom Receives Signs From Her Beloved Dog From Across The Rainbow Bridge

For over 13 wonderful years, Joeann Knights shared her life with her cherished furry friend, Poppy, a beautiful Pit Bull mix. 

The incredible connection they shared was a testament to the joy they found in experiencing life side by side.

Throughout those 13 years, Joeann remained a constant companion to her beloved Poppy, and Poppy, in turn, was a loyal presence by her side – until it was time for the precious pup to cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

Life With Precious Poppy

According to Joeann, their bond was truly special and incomparable. 

They loved experiencing life together, going on adventures around their hometown, and celebrating each day with gratitude for the shared presence that made their connection extraordinary.

“I never ever left her in her 13 and a half years of life. She was amazing and clever,” Joeann told The Dodo

On the tough days, a simple glance at Poppy’s precious speckled face was Joeann’s instant remedy — making everything better once more.

Throughout her lifetime, Poppy was known for being very clever, loyal, and full of surprises. 

Joeann fondly reminisces about a particular memory that never fails to bring a smile to her face whenever she reflects on that special day.

“She had opened the living room window and jumped out into the back garden, and she could not jump back in,” Joeann recalled. Upon returning home, she had to rescue Poppy, who welcomed her with a big, grateful hug.

Sadly, after 13 wonderful years, Poppy fell seriously ill. With a heavy heart, Joeann faced the harsh reality that there was nothing that could save her beloved Poppy, so she had to make the agonizing decision to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

Though undoubtedly heart-wrenching, Joeann knew it was needed.  

Signs From Across The Rainbow Bridge

Losing her precious furry girl was extremely difficult for Joeann. Although she still had her two furry sons, Pippin and Darcy, she still missed their mom terribly. 

Coping with the loss of a cherished pet is a challenging journey, and it’s important to allow yourself the time to heal. 

Knowing that her mom was suffering, Poppy decided to send her signs even from across the Rainbow Bridge, reassuring her that she would always be by her side.

“I found a feather in my cupboard. I was shocked. It was a weird color,” Joeann said. She didn’t know where it came from, but she decided to keep it. 

Then, a couple of months later, she came across an even odder but obvious sign right outside her door. 

“Six months later, I opened my front door, and there was a picture of my girl on my fence done by snails. I cried… I thought I was going mad,” Joeann added. 

The ‘portrait’ done by a snail looked exactly like her Poppy’s face – it was simply remarkable. It stayed there for five days before it was washed away with rain. 

However, Poppy’s signs didn’t stop there. 

Remember the unusual feather? 

Six months had passed when someone suddenly knocked on Joeann’s door. It was a woman carrying a puppy in her arms, asking if she would consider adopting him.

To her disbelief, the tiny puppy sported the exact same color as the feather Joeann had discovered in her cupboard several months earlier.

“I went and saw the puppy, and she was the same as the feather. I took the puppy. I don’t care what anybody says or believes — my girl sent me the puppy,” Joeann said. 

The puppy’s name is Amber, and she is now a beloved member of the family. 

While nothing can fill the void left by Poppy, Joeann finds solace in knowing that her silly girl is forever present, watching over her and patiently anticipating the day they reunite.